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Galusha, Arvilla 1857 06 27


[Lowell]3 June 27 1857

Dear Mother

     I wrote you a letter last sunday but I did not cary it to the ofice so now I will write 
an other  how do you do and how are you getting along  I hope that you will not kill 
yourself at work in the garden this summer but I expect that you will for you are always 
so ambitious  I think of you a great deal and long to be with you but I must get a living by 
my labor and so I must submit to a seperation from my best friends but it is only for a 
season and then we shall meet again I hope whare we shall not be seperated any more 
from one another society  I wish I could be at home this summer but cannot for I must 
work  well I dont know what to write about unless I tell you about our new minister he 
was installed a week ago last wednesday evening  we have a minister again  he is full as 
smart as Mr Eddy and I presume will be liked as well when they get used to his ways our 
meetings are very fully attended as much as I knowne them to be  my health is very good 
this summer  I have worked quite steady so far through the summer the forainers4 are so 
much in the ascendency here that the yankees are afraid to celebrate least they should rise 
and burn the city so you can see what we are all coming to  I wish that you could have 
been here last sunday  it was high mass day with them and the bishop was here and oh 
such a turn out  the street was full and crowded from five in the morning till half past ten 
with zealous catholicks going to mass and confirmation  it has been stated by the city 
missionary that there is more people attend the three catholic churches than upon all the 
protestant churches in the city  catholocism is gaining ground very fast in this city the 
know nothing5 performance did more hurt than good here as far as that is concerned I 
should like to know if you have heard from Hellen6 this summer  I have not heard from 
her since March  I dont know whether they have gone father west or not  I wish that she 
would write to me but I dont supose she will  I hope that you will not work to hard 
I want to come home very much and think I shall next fall if nothing happens  I have had 
my ears pierced and have go me some pretty cameos  they cost two dollers  well I dont 
want to bother you with what I have got or done but I want to hear so much about your 

  1Arvilla Galusha
  2Mother Polly Larabee b: 4 Feb 1797, Weathersfield, VT d: 8 Dec 1874, VT; married 1825: William Galusha 
     b: 1796, VT; occupation: minister.
  3Lowell, Massachusetts.
  4Irish Catholic immigrants.
  5Know Nothing or American Party.
  6Sister Helen Galusha

business as you can afford to write  well the merimac company7 are building another 
great mill and then we shall need some more boarding houses but I hope I shall not be 
here then for I am about sick of working in the mills  well I must stop for I am going to 
meeting to night so good by till I write again  give my love to Maryett and Mrs L and tell 
them I thank them for their kindness to you and me  give my love to Lealy8 and tell him 
to write me

 Arvill Galusha

[on cover]
Polly Galusha
Berkshire, VT

  7Merrimack Manufacturing Company.
  8Brother Aaron Leland Galusha b: 14 Sep 1832, VT; married: Sarah Armstrong.


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