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Galusha, Polly 1859 02


[Lowell]3 February 1? 1859

Dear Parents,

     As Plantina is going home I thought I would write a few lines to let you know that 
I am alive and well and hope you are the same though I fear that you are not for I have 
not received any answer to the letter that I wrote to you two or three weeks ago and I 
have written to Leland4 but have received no answer   I hope that if you are sick that you 
will let me know it for I have been quite anxious about you since I last heard from you.

     I wrote to Aunt Melinda last week but do not know whether I directed right and I 
directed to Saybrook Ashtabula county   I told her that I was a going to see her next fall 
and I think I shall for it is too cold for me in new England winters   I can work at 
dressmaking or something thare or I can go to Fitchburg and work in the mill if I want to 
but perhaps you will think that I am building air castles but I must do something besides 
work in the mill here in cold weather   I did not think that Plantina would go home so 
soon but I am glad she is going for her sake and hope that she will never want to come 
back again   Leafy sends her love to you and all enquiring friends   I have been to 
meeting today and Leafy went with me   we saw two young ladies baptised   we have a 
baptism in our Church every month  thare is a constant revival in our church now and 
has been for some time.

     I hope that you will pray for me and for the advancement of Christs kingdom for 
sinners are enquiring the way to the cross more than ever   for my part I can safely say 
that I never enjoyed myself so well before as I have done this winter   I have had joy and 
peace in the midst of tribulations   I never knew the full enjoyment of the believer until I 
was enabled to say thy will be done   and to give up all earthly hopes and expectations 
and place my heart fully on the things above   I have been afraid sometimes that my 
enjoyment would not always   last but it is my most earnest prayer to God that he would 
keep me from again falling into the cold and lukewarm state which I have been in most of 
the time since I came to Lowell   I want that you should pray for me that the Lord will 
continue to bless me with the light of his love and O my dear parents do help me to pray

  1Amy Melenda Galusha b: 16 Apr 1825, Berkshire, VT d: 9 Oct 1869, Berkshire, VT.
  2Parents William Galusha b: 1796, VT; occupation: minister; married 1825: Polly Larabee 
     b: 4 Feb 1797, Weathersfield, VT d: 8 Dec 1874, VT.
  3Lowell, Massachusetts; occupation: mill worker.
  4Brother Leland Aaron Galusha

for our dear Lealand that he may become a bright and shining light to those with whom 
he is called to associate for he has talents enough if he improves them  I hope the Lord 
will have mercy on him and bless him for he is not a bad boy if he would only try to get 
rid of bad influences  he is in my mind constantly   he is my only Brother and oh how 
much good he might do if he would turn and be on the Lords side pray for him and pray 
for me for you are more used to praying than I am and perhaps the Lord will be entreated 
of us for our dear Lealand  but it is getting to be late and I must close my letter for to 
night write to me as soon as you can   this from youre


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