1845 06 01 Gilman, Moses (Jr.)
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Lowell Sunday June 1st "/45

[To Moses, Jr.]. Your letter of the 25th Ult was recd on Thursday last by the hand of Cousins who arrived here without Accident. Much pleased to see them, think probable that Uncle will employ both Uriah & Church but cannot say positively–if not we shall endeavor to obtain situations for them elsewhere. Saw Harrison Streeter yesterday. A steady young man & doing well. S. Eldredge is also here at work for Uncle who likes him much as a workman, he receives a dollar per day & found tools; so you perceive we have at present quite a Colony of Canadians.

Your Aunt Louise is at present in interesting circumstances (Alias), A la Victoria. Uncle has not recd that government Office which he anticipated, probably will not – truly republics are ungrateful, his down east land speculation also proves a failure by the Sheriff’s neglecting to have a certain notice publish’d in a certain paper three times, it being published but twice. The only course to pursue now is to alight on the Sheriff for neglect of duty.

Am pleas’d to hear you intend to pay us a visit. Shall give you my opinion candidly, if you do not intend to settle down in Canada at least for the present the sooner you leave the better, if you anticipate stopping in L & making it a home should advise you by all means to learn some good trade. Lowell is a poor place for a common day laborer yet not so poor I think at the present time as Brome, for business of all kinds is very brisk, probably never more so. Yet if there should be a reaction in business caus’d by overtrade & Speculation, which there doubtless will the man with a good trade stands a far superior chance to one without, therefore if you intend to come to L do not delay till fall, but come immediately & you will be far more likely to obtain employment. Shall expect you as soon as the first of July. Please bring what money may be my due & endeavor to exchange it up near the line as the rate of discount will be far less than here. If you should wish for funds use the money as your own. Need not delay on account of fine fixens. Enough to be had cheap here. A frost here night before last. (...)

Should be pleas[e]d to see you all, but distance intervenes.


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