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                     Levant Dec. 31, 1832
Dear Cousin

   I take this opportunity to write a few lines
to you in haste. I am now living at this place which
is 12 miles from Bangor, with Mr. William Bradbury.
I like him very much he appears to be a man of very 
good feelings, he has one other clerk. I am at the head, and
have all the writing to do which is considerable, and hard
work. I have not made any particular agreement about
the wages but expect to get between 16 & 20 $ per month, not
less than $16- I saw Stephen here the other day he & Family
are all well. He told me you were a printing a paper at Lowell.
I hope you will do well with it. I should have written to
you before but did not know where you was-Charles
and wife expect to start for Exeter this week on Thursday
to make a visit there-The Family are well as usual.
It is a very cold day to day and my hands are so cold that I
have hard work to write at all-you must write to me
a letter and let me know how you get along at
Lowell with your paper----I hope Marksí health
is better than it was when I was there-I had a
very good passage from Boston to Bangor when I came
down-it was but 47 hours from the time that I left the
wharf at Boston before I arrived at Bangor. I left Boston
on Saturday-I came down in the Free Trade-
I donít think of anything more at present-Give my love
to Mark and Family and expect the same from you
             affectionate cousin

Mr. Alfred Gilman Samuel A. Gilman

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