Gilman, Mark 1835 05 03
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Lowell May 3 1835

Dear Brother

I wrote you by mail yesterday and rec’d
yours this evening – respecting your establishment I would
advise you to dispose of the whole concern if you can
or if selling one half will open a way for the disposal
of the other, do so, altho’ Van Burenism is not more
nauseous to you then to myself, but may be endured for a
while if there is a prospect of getting the concern off your
hands as far as I am concerned I would not advise you
to dispose of it if this is a reasonable prospect of making
a fair business of it, but I think you may do better in some
other business with less care and vexation. If you would
like some business in the manufacturing line I think I could
obtain a situation for you in some one of our establishments
altho there is more restraint and confinement than is agreeable
at all times, the pay is sure and on the whole it must
be preferable to the life of a printer.

I will inquire of James respecting the clock.
Your nephew is bright and hearty-he likes to read your paper
the sofa and clock which he finds in it amuses hum much
he is a great pedestrian and talker, can imitate the language
of all animals and birds that come within his hearing, can
write as fast if not as intelligible as your Affectionate Brother
he and his mother send their love-his quantity is limited to 6 pounds.  M. S. Gilman

If your Van Buren man will take the whole and pay the $200 I will write for the balance
due me with sufficient security-if you cannot do better.


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