Gilman, Mark 1835 05 02
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                                                      Lowell May 2 1835

Dear Brother,

Since your letter nearly three months ago and put it
in my pocket with the intention of writing an answer the first
opportunity, but want of practice has rendered me so nearly incapable
of writing a letter that I have not been able to “screw up my courage
to the sticking point” till now, and now I am almost at a loss how
to begin, but will commence by expressing my gratification at the fairness
of your prospects and hope that they continue to improve with the growth
of your “interest in the yeomanry” and the independence of the stand you have
taken but to be serious, a paper conducted with the candor and
independence that is apparent, must be more profitable to the public
if they would encourage it, than the best conducted party Journal, it may be necessary to keep up a distinction of party, but in such a
case it appears to me to be a wholesome provision that we should have
a medium between the two extremes that is disinterested enough to
tell the truth and give both sides a fair and candid investigation.
such publication are not duly appreciated for the selfish principle
of party will not bear to hear ought against its own or in favor
of the opposite party it is a lamentable fact and will continue to be
so as long as people will suffer themselves to be led by the nose of interested partisans who care more about the emoluments of office than the good of their country,
if people will not read both sided and who does? They ought to read
the medium which takes a glance at both and gives facts as they
seem with any party coloring. So much for politics – it is not
my element and know it is contrary to nature to be long out
of ones element tho it may be pleasant recreation to emerge occasional
into a different sphere. 
Our family concerns proceed in the usual unvaried sound without
any incident worthy of note, but not without a prospect of an
event that occurs occasionally in the best regulated families – by the
way, I would enquire if you are exempt from such visitations
of providence. My health remains the same as usual. I can
only contrive to keep uncomfortably well by a strict attention to diet.

   If you take the Lowell papers you are probably informed of what
is going on here in the way of business news – if not I can write some
of the most prominent movements. – The “Boot Cotton Mills” company has
been formed and the stock taken up for four mills to be erected in the
rear of Mr. Bs house which is to be removed, the work of
building is now going on. – The Town have voted to build a market
house on Lowell & Middle Street of goodly dimension, after the plan
of the new market in Boston. The first Locomotive on the Rail
Road will be started this month on the anniversary of the Merrimack Co.

   Our friend Mr. Adams has taken the situation of assistant superintendent
at the Merrimack Mills in place of Mr. Treat who has gone to Pittsfield
to take charge of a factory. – Mr. A wishes you to write him, 
he called about two months since to inform us of his appointment. I have
not seen him since, therefore cannot say how he is affected by the change.
Your clock was sent to James last fall. I sent him a line after
the rec’t of yours, requesting him to forward it as you requested.
I sent the sign to the Town in Chelmsford with a request to forward
it.- Your certificate I left with Mr. Knox who is Treasurer
since the death of Mr. Lewis, he promises to lay it before the
Government at the next meeting – they have had a meeting since
but I have not heard anything respecting it. I will enquire of Mr. K.
There are some Types of yours in the Patriot Office – what shall
be done with them? Lawrence was sick when I rec’d your letter
when he got well I mentioned your proposal to him, but he seems
inclined to relinquish the business – says it is very dull about here
he has not done any work since he was sick.

Give our love to Dorcas, we should like to see you both –
wishing you prosperity in your business, happiness in your family
and health in your body and mind   I remain your affectionate Br.

                                             M. S. Gilman


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