Gilman, Hannah 1833 03 19
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                                                         Portsmouth March 19th, 1833

My Dear Son,

   This day commerates one of  much interest
in contemplating the past, present and future, this day
twenty one years gave birth to a Son, though wayward in
disposition, always possed nobler feelings, of love and affections,
which mutually yielded to a Mothers’ love it was love
that cherished you in infancy and watched over your youthful
path, it was love that spread a mantle, over every faltering
step with a desire to see you speed your way to an honorable mat-
urity, - I wish you a happy new year in this new Era
of your life, may it be crowned with the choicest of blessings
from your heavenly Parent when mercy and bountifull
providence has guided your various scnes of life-in realis-
ing his goodness do not hesitate to form a character that will
participate in every virtue and grace a Christian enjoys, it leads
to substantial happiness in this life, and everlasting, with all
the happy spirits round your heavenly Fathers’throne.
there is nothing can destroy a Mothers’ love all things will
pass away but that will live forever it’s a pure friendship, “when
heart meets heart reciprocally soft, each others pillow to repose
divine.” Such is my affection for you my Dear Son
it breaths a calm complacency in every act. I am ever anxious for your
welfare and happiness, and participated in the enjoyment of a visit
from you and Dorcas, I realized the pleasing discription, was happy to see her 


and heard many praises bestowed upon her. I hope your business continues
to be good, it is like hearing to receive a paper the last number was
the twenty third of February should be glad to hear if the regular number
was lost on its way. It is by the politeness of Miss Penhallow you receive
this, as the favour of a visit has made up in part my long silence.
I hope you will excuse this coming late, and send me one very soon, my
visit was very short in Maine I did not get but
two or three miles and was obliged to return the traveling was so
bad. Stephen concluded it would best for me to go down in the
stage soon as the traveling is suitable while I stay here hope to
hear from you often. How does Mark do is his health restored? He is
so silent I cant hear a word about him. Mary is very well her
babe grows finely, I have not much news to tell you, except their
has been a weding in the family. William Nutter was mar-
ried last Tursday evening to Miss Betsy Downing of Newington.
remember my love to Mark and Hannah, and accept a share for
Dorcas and for you self. From your affectionate Mother. 

             H. Gilman

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