Gilman, Hannah 1832 08 02
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                                                         Lowell August 2, 1832

My Dear Son,
   We received notice of your leaving Boston for Bangor
saturday and noticed the weather everyday for a week, and by
the appearance concluded you must have a dreary time. I am happy
to hear you arrived their safe and found Stephen, and his family well,
and a pleasantly situated and have wished, myself one of your
society if I had known of your going think I should accompanied
you there, as Stephen has a claim on my first visit according to promise.
(in a letter as he may recollect). I see no prospect that I can please
myself with a visit there very soon, as the season is advancing and I
should not like to take the voyage alone, should be happy to see
the family together and think she is a wife after my own heart.-
Kiss the little ones for their grand Mother, tell Stephen I long to see
him- you have experienced a variety of scenes in a you left here
and have had an opportunity of seeing the eastern country which
I think is very pleasant, and have contemplated with you all its
scenery I think it is altered very much, and hope you will
give me a discription when you write. Your voyage was rather
a hideous one, but the toils was sweetned by agreeable company which
makes everything pass pleasantly, which you know by experience
you have seen many handsome ladies no doubt but hope you have not seen
any one to erace a former impression, permit me to give you
a caution against the snares and temptations young men are
liable to, they are not aware beauties are dangerous creatures as the
Poet says.

             “Beauties in vain their pretty eyes may roll
             Charms strike the sight: but merit wins the soul”.

Mark wrote you the 21 of July and mentioned Mr. Meacham
wished to engage you to work for him twelve months, he has not had any
answer to his letter,-there is not much news going all the conversation
is about the cholera, many girls have left for fear, many are alarmed,
there are some cases of the Diarhea which is thought a prelude to the cholera 
it may not have anything more than a complaint of the season.
Maria went home about two weeks after you left here, Hannah went 
and spent two weeks, in her absence, Mr. Damon was married. Mark
and myself attended the wedding we had a very pleasant time and
were highly pleased. Hannahs’ health continues very good, Marks’
health has been very poor this number of weeks past so much so he
has applied to a physician, he talks of taking a journey, to visit
Exeter and Portsmouth, you did not give me credit for the last
letter I wrote to you Boston, I feel anxious whether you received it or not
should like to know, remember our love to Stephen and his wife
we all write Mark, Hannah, Elinor, and Mother, receive a share yourself,
I anticipate you enjoying all the comforts of a domestic circle, may perfect
tranquility and every social enjoyment, with health, prosperity, permanent
happiness preside over you all, is the prayer of your affectionate Mother.

            H. Gilman

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