Gilman, Hannah 1832 07 03
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                                               Lowell July 3 1832

My Dear Son,

   My not writing before this date needs excuse as I 
did not get your letter till Monday noon and I fear it may be
some disappointment in your plans in respect to your clothing
no you did not name when you should send them should be pleased
to have the care of them, while I remain here give me partiular
directions where to send them, and how I am to receive them

   Your letter caused me many emotions such as I have well
Weighed in my mind yes no gratitude, obligations to a Brother and
Son – the interest you take in the family the concilating feelings, 
the good at heart, and the love and welfare for a Parent endears
my love to  you as a Son, may you always cherish good feelings
which lead to virtue and happiness – when you say I am
wrong, and essentially wrong, I pass it over knowing you are not
acquainted with the affair, I did not make you acquainted at the 
time, two weeks before the wedding, I knew the family intended
I should have my home, sweet home, my happy home, where I 
had nourished cherished my Family is it easy to give it up, no
my first flowing tears convince it is not. Could I attend the 
the wedding where I was so lightly    I should felt very cheap
the next day she, she expected I should leave. the second day a friend came
in and told me I was going very soon. I was surprise and said I expected
to visit my children but did not know when I should leave Lowell
from that time she assumed her slight toward me and continued
till the bureau was moved after that did not speak nor take notice
of me for a week so she continued her whims till Mary came, now
who is in the wrong? Things are now come to a test, I do not reproach
myself, she wanted all the room and everything in the house. 
Since Mary left here M. has been very pleasant she is reserved
At times but think things have milder aspect, have I not
Reason to call every Christian virtue into exercise, hope I do forgive,
For our redeemer says if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither
Will your Heavenly Father forgive your trespasses, upon this ground
I act, as I hope to be forgiven—When I left Nashua we understood
That she was mutually agreed to be one of  the family except she
Would take the lead that was agreeable and this would be my home and I 
Should visit when I pleased. Although perplext and distrest I would
Not do anything to hurt the feelings of my children even in this case.
I could defray my expence in various ways for I ever wish to be useful
In some way or other and not be dependent nor work so hard
As in times past. But wish to do what is most conciliating to the feelings of  
My my dear children as I love them all  

Do not give yourself any uneasiness for what has happened
On my account and make no difference in your conduct but pass it all
Over as if nothing had happened, I commend  myself to my heavenly 
Father, who is the father to the fatherless, and the widows God, if I have
Done right he will maintain my cause, if not I alone must
Suffer. I hope Mary will not have any unfavorable impressions 
On Ms. Account, as I did not oppose him I only said it was too soon after
His confinement to be married you see my Dear how transient 
Our happiness is, and that I should be the cause of so much uneasiness,
Who of late yours have enjoyed peace and tranquility, I pray
Dispensation may be scantified to each of us that we may-------
Sublime happiness that cannot be taken from --------
Especially yours ever affectionate Mother,
                                                                  H Gilman

PS   I have seen Mr. P.  he will call and have the
        Money in a day or two –Mark wishes me to
        Say he will write as soon as he has time he’s
        Been very much engaged of late. The Factory
        Is stopt and we are having a four days
        Meeting at Mr. Blanchards

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