Gilman, Hannah 1831 03 31
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  Nashua March 31, 1831

My Dear Son,

            Your letter I received Monday afternoon it gave me
much pleasure to hear from you.  Am happy in devoting a
few moment to you, in expressing my hearty acquisence, in the
congratulation, and the pleasure we anticipate in the connection
that will soon take place in our family, and I hope we shall
realise the endearing ties of Daughter, Sister and Wife.

 I am anxious to be with you and want to know how soon 
the house will be ready have not heard any thing particular from
Mark.- you have given quite a recommendation of your friend
hope I shall have the pleasure to see and become acquainted with her,
but don’t be in too much haste, “let your moderation be known
unto all men“ remember you are young yet, but you may secure
the friendship and esteem of the good and such I hope is your friend.

 Although I am anxious to be in Lowell, my time has passed
pleasantly here, a number of friends has called, have not spent many 
lonely hours.  The week after you and Mark left me, I visited five 
afternoons, and had company one day.  The last week I had a party
it consisted of our neighbor Miss T. and P. Miss Hutchings.
Mrs. Manning, two Daughters, and Franklin, Julia Ann, and Maria Esty.


My Dear, do not think your Mother, has become dissipated but happy in the
enjoyment of friends, and social society is what I always prize.

 I preceive by your letter you were agitated, and hope you will not
let your gaiety carry you beyond your self.  I have weighed well the sheet you
sent me it does not meet my idea of things, you must not forget the
golden rule “neither do nor say to men, what you would not take again.”

 I know very little of the feelings and the thinking that influences
the mind of the community in general, but this I would recommend
that knowledge, and influence on the character, which will improve
the mind and mend the heart.  Lift up a high and exalted standard
to virtue, and sincerity, and guide your pen with discretion.

 I must tell you I left disappointed in the production of the sheet,
expected it would be a different work, something for the Ladies.  May you 
keep up your spirits by changing the spirit of the sheet and that
must be done by altering the head and be no more a foolish
but a wise son, and let maternal love influence your whole
character for the sake of your dear and ever affectionate Mother.

                                                          H. Gilman

April 1st – My love to Mark and to your self hope we shall
meet soon.  Mrs. Esty and Caroline spent the day here yesterday
they are all well.  Hannah and Willis has been down this week.

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