Field, Huldah 1848 01 08
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                                              Lowell3 Jan the 8 1848

Dear Sister

I now eat myself to address in the silent
language of my pen spit is so cold in the attic where I
am seated that I cannot collect my thoughts suiteable
to address any one but I will say to you that I am well
and enjoy myself first rate  Sarah4 is well and seems
to enjoy herself well.  I make about $2 two dollars per week
this winter, in the summer I should make more the old
man5 paid Sarah one dollar per week last payment
and this payment he will pay her one dollar and a
quarter and next month he ill give her looms she
will make a first rate weaver she is so particular
she does better now than some of the old weavers that
been in the room  this two years she often speaks
of you and says she wants to see that old angel
she is going to meeting with me and is going to
join the Sabbath School next Sabbath she and
I gets along rite or a bought rite. Mary Crossman
works in the dress room in the same mill that I
do I cannot think of much to rite Benjamin6 is well
and sends his love to you he is going to make you

  1Huldah S. Field b: 1820, ME; parents: John Field and 
     Eliza Baker; residence 1848: Lowell; married 1850: 
     Benjamin Samuel Parkhurst b: 13 Jul 1817, Pomfret, 
     VT; moved 1860-1880s: St. Albans, ME.
  2Sister – Hannah B. Field b: 1823, ME; parents: John 
     Field and Eliza Baker; residence 1848: Portland, ME.
  3Lowell, Massachusetts.
  4Cousin – Sarah Marston Field b: 8 May 1831, Falmouth, 
     ME d: 17 Mar 1904, Onarga, IL; parents: Benjamin 
     Field and Harriet Rideout; resident 1848: Lowell; 
     married 1850: Sanford Kingsley Marston b: 24 Feb 1831, 
     Augusta, ME d: 1904, Onarga, IL.
  5“old man” – overseer.
  6Husband to be – Benjamin Samuel Parkhurst b: 13 Jul 1817, 
     Pomfret, VT; parents: Samuel Parkhurst and Mary Paddock; 
     occupation: iron moulder; residence 1848: Lowell; married 
     1850: Huldah S. Field b: 1820, ME; moved 1860: Fitchburg, 
     MA; moved 1870-1900s: St. Albans, ME; occupation: farmer.
a pair of those flat iron trivets I want you to come
up hear in the spring if not before and take
Mr. Peter with you I shall leave the mill in
about two months and a half from now I

a great deal to tell you that I
cannot write I am in a great hurry
for I am going to meeting I write to you 
some three or four weeks ago and have not
received an answer from you I directed
to R.S. Webber7 write as soon as you
receive this from the hand of your
Sister and write when you will come up
Write all the news you can think

Your as ever H.S. Field

[on cover]

Miss Hannah B. Field
Portland, Me
for care of S.R. Webber
  7Solomon R. Webber b: 1808, ME; resident 1848: 
     Portland, ME; married Eliza Ring.

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