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                                   Lowell, Mass Oct 18th /51

Dear Mrs. Martin

                                  Your letter and 
pamphlets came duly to hands for which 
please accept my earnest thanks. I –
of the letter according to your request.
Our Women’s Rights Convention, as if you please,
as our gentlemanly Editors have it – The Hen
Convention came off [eeearching] to makee,
on the 15th and 16. I was present (for which
privilege I thank God) but to attempt any
description thereof, that would do any thing like
justice is beyond the daring of my feeble pen,
You will form some conception of the [--ing]
interest when I tell you that hundreds stood
upon their feet during each separate session, which lasted
full two hours and a half so interested in the
exercises as to preserve the most perfect order.
But you say “Why, not get a hall large enough
to seat them? Why my dear Madam, we had the
largest in Worcester, which seats, I am told,
twenty-five hundred, and then the aisles were
filled besides. Speeches were made by the President – 
Mrs. P.W. Davis, Mrs. Nichols, Editor of No. Brattleborough
Vt., True Democrat, Miss Laney Morse, Mrs. Coe,
Mr. W. Phillips of Action, Dr. Channing, Dr. Harriet –
Hunt of Boston, Mrs. Rowe, Miss Brown of N.Y.
Elizabeth Oaks Smith, and others. Letters
read from Harriet Martineau, Estelle Simon-Lewis,
Ralph W. Emerson, Horace Mann, Henry Ward
Beecher, and many others.

But you will see all this and much more
by my – prints. The proceeding will soon
be around. Pamphlet form, and you
will have the pleasure of reading the addresses,
for I know it will be a great please to you.
I did not send you the proceedings last year,
as none were sent to our city and I did not
get any myself, we -- that it is not
on this year. You spoke of sending me one
(your Ohio convention, I mean)
of yours pray do if convenient, for I know
of no other way I shall be able to obtain one
the possession of one would afford me great
pleasure. You spoke of Miss Bagley. She is
now Mrs. Durno of Albany, N.Y. She has a friend
in the city who is going to Albany next week.
I have intrusted your pamphlet in her hands, 
together with your request and compliments, 
for conveyance to her. Surely, this course of 
ours has enlisted some, ay the very brightest 
stars that are now shinning in the intellectual 
heavens. Is so remarked at the Convention that 
Woman, as a public character, was yet in her 
infancy, that she could, as yet boast of no 
Phillips, and no Channing. But, thank God, 
she can boast of the good right hand of a 
Phillips and a Channing, that is willingly; 
and lovingly extended, to lead her up, 
where she may stand side by side with them.

Shall I not hear from you savior
            I remain 
                                  Your for All Good
                                  Mary Emerson

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