Emerson, Mary 1850 05 25
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This letter is damaged with many missing pieces

                              Lowell, Mass May 25, 1850

Dear Mrs. Martin

                              Please accept this rather tardy
acknowledgement your very “ kind letter” which a press of 
engagements at home has prevented until now. And, also, 
of a paper, which was welcome, first that I had
but been able to retain one containing the minutes of the
convention and I wish myself to keep a copy by [----]
that I may be able, in after life to revue to this
first real outbreak of women for her God given
rights, secondly for your kind remembrance of one 
so humble and so far away; - half stirred by the
din, not have buried in the confusion of a life of Lord 
and struggle.
It does indeed rejoice my heart that the women 
of the important west of opening her eyes, if we of the 
maturer east, do sleep, & inwardly are resting as cesurely 
in our vague and unerring dreams as though the 
dust of ages had not gathered upon our breast. 
What women think! Women know right of the political 
[----] of her country; she analyzes the laws by 
which she is governed! And what is more monstrous than
all the rest, (Thrown about it the veil of Darkness) 
she, little fury, last formed mortal, have the presumption 
to deem herself competent to assist in the formation of 
those laws; Tell us not in Gorth? publish it not in the 
streets of New England, but another Capt Rynders should 
step out, who will lead as forcefully with the women 
as that brave man and champion of New York has done 
with the niggars . What woman does think, though, 
save a few radical anomalies, who have the “queerest 
minds in the world” or no minds at all?” But wonder 
and behold; there is little curl of smoke arriving which 
does not emanate from a cigar, (a very rare incident 
in our goodly city) it may prove a volcano yet, who knows? 
It may put old Vermont’s tired face to the blush but I will 
[----], but calmly sit me down and await the 
issue. Well all this is about a little debating club that 
has secretly been organized in this city, comprising most of 
the political lions, and next week they are to discern 
a question which stands something in this wine – Resolved 
the interests of the country are required by non-admission 
of women to the “ladies franchise.” Perhaps it is the under-curent 
[----] of the great ball you have set rolling in the west, 
and it may yet up root our great [----] of Mans Predjudice
and possibly startle some of our fine ladies out of their 
morning naps, but I take it will not be so rude.
Miss Bagly is yet in Philadelphia. Mrs. Child I have 
not seen for seveal months but I hope to have that pleasure next week as I expect to be at Boston.

In regard to the publications you mentioned, I have

no means of an acquaintance and once save by an occasional contract 
any numbers which, you can spare will be thank-
fully received as will also a letter, whence you have 
a moment to spare one where [----] whom you are so right. 
With much respect, I remain your affectionate Daughter 
in the cause of Right and Humanity. Mary Emerson

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