Eastman, Mehitable 1847
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Courtesy: Ohio Historical Society, Lilly Martin Spencer Collection
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History

Boston Voice of Industry Office
Dec 16, 1847
To Mrs. A.L. Martin

            My Dear Lady
                        Your kind letter
of Nov. 1st should have been answered 
ere this but for the multiplicity of 
business it has been referred for which you 
must excuse me. 

I am happy to meet you in an epistle which 
brethren in Spirit of Reform.  I and most of my 
correspondents are Reformers yet they 
[ ?? ] to [ ?? ] the subjects in to 
this rolling boil which  
the whole prison family you have came to 
well mostly on the Rights of Women.

I think you are right in your 
-- as to the certainity  
our is a 
the Lords of Gods creation 
in scripture 
as much liberty 
known but the 
like you we

I wish I could have 
me sometimes when men tell me 
how best of my affairs for I guess you 
are better qualified to meet them then 
my little self.  It always -- we
feel is best that I almost cry and 
angry too, yet I know it will not do 
to give way to such feelings.
I think 23 might have a being that
on matters and things I love vastly 
such is maybe with that view 
feeling angry  --  with my view. 
I must --  forget to acknowledge 
the reception of your $100 to help 
us   --  it comes in a time when we 
need (on the --)    I have no 
primary intent in the paper.  I spent 
8 months of time & -- money to 
   voices live and I 
   will live many years 
   a thorough Reform

   for if my
   join you
   and so tired 
   but a few orders 
   I know your goodness of
   to learn from you

at any time!  -- you like the 
voice in the new forms?
my kindest regards and 
believe we truly thy friend
 M. [Mehitable] Eastman 


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