Colburn, Adeline
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Courtesy: American Textile History Museum
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History

Lowell July 22 ed 1849

Dear sister1

            I now seat myself to improve a few
moments this beautiful Sabbath morning in pening my
wandering thoughts to you, I received your letter was
glad to hear of your prosperity, I began to think
your mind had become so ingrosed in your domestic
affairs that you had forgotten you had an Old Maid
sister2  at he city of spindles. My health is very
good for this hot weather, it has been very warm
here this summer, I am running six looms
in the same old corner that I did last summer
I think very often how you used to come up
to see me, I have not received a visit from my
bird as yet this year. I do not know as I
can write any news that will be interesting to
you but I will try and see what I can think
of, Eliza Marshall has left the mill and gone
home to fix to be married. The girls in
this old front chamber remain about the same
as when you left, Malinda sends her love to you

  1Rebecca F.A. Colburn b: 1831, MA married Sylvanus Cobb Knowlton b: 1827, 
     Farmington, ME
  2Adeline N. Colburn b: 1828, MA married Franklin Tenney Colburn b: 1830, 
    Dracut, MA

and says when she gets rich enough she shall
come and see you. The girls in the mill are
all about the same as when you left, Jane has
gone home she is courted up to her ears, It
seems rather lonesome to me here now I am
left all alone. I expect you and Lucy3  are
having a fine time about these days. Orrin4
calls to see me once in a while he tells a great
deal about going down East. He is dotting upon
having a good time and I hope he will not
be disappointed, he wants to have me go down
with him says he will pay my fare down and
back but I think I cant afford the time,
Lucy5  wanted to know what kind of a time
I had the fourth. I had a very good time
but did not go out of the city for some obvious
reasons, I went to see the firemens' performance
in the forenoon, and in the afternoon I went
to a boat ride and in the evening we had
a fine treat at 44. Truman went to Boston and
took Miss Mary Ann Fostick6  with him. Eliza P
is here she and True has some hard feelings but
get along quite well since Eliza went home,
We are looking for John Gilrease down next
week, then for some fun, I believe the rest
of the boys are well they plague Bill Stevens as bad
as ever about the walk, There was a great party
down there the fourth, I believe I have written

  3Lucy Vaughan b: 1820 married John Knowlton, Jr. B: 1820
  4Orrin Haskell Lufkin b: 6 Apr 1823, Rumford, ME married 1847 
     Fidelia Godwin
  5Lucy Vaughan
  6Mary Ann Fosdick b: 5 Jun 1825, NH parents: William Fosdick and 
    Lydia Randall

about all the folks but Thankful she was up here
and stayed a week at the fourth she and Mr. Pool7
have dissolved partnerships, I will tell you now
about my walk I took last Sabbath. I went over
to the old yellow meeting house in Dracutt to church
in the afternoon and after tea I went up
to the Cemetery. I thought of the last time I went
before and I think you will remember it too
we sat down on a stone near the place we did then
and spoke of the change that had taken place since,
Freeman8  is in the gold regions if living I supose
and you are married. How little did we think
where we should be at this time. When I
looked round on the marble Monuments and newly
erected Tomb stones it reminded me that Death had
not been idle, on every Avenue I could see some
new traces of its busy hands, But my thought are
wandering on to solemn subject to suit your mirthfulness
although to my mind it is a most beautiful subject
of contemplation. I have written I hardly know
what but I find my paper comeing short and I have
not written half I had in my mind,  Tell L9  I have
written her two good long letters since she went home
give my best respects to Mr. Knowlton10  if they would
be acceptable, Remember me to friends, I hope you
will write to me again and not delay so long
again, You must think of me occasionally as
I shall you, The girls all send their love excuse
mistakes for I am in a hurry I have not been writing an
[----] I am going to church write soon Adeline N. Colburn11

[on cover]
Mrs. Rebecca Knowlton12
Farmington Falls, ME

  7Thankful and Reuben Pool 1850: Lincoln, ME, 1880: Peaks Island, ME
  9Lucy Vaughan Knowlton?
  10Sylvanus Cobb Knowlton
  11Adeline N. Colburn b: 1828, NH married Franklin Tenney Thissell 
       b: 1830, Dracut, MA
  12Rebecca F.A. Colburn b: 1831, MA married Sylvanus Cobb Knowlton 
       b: 1827, Farmington, ME


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