Caryl, Rhoda E.
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Courtesy: American Textile History Museum
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History
                    Clinton Jan 22th 1860
Dear Friends1
                    will you be surprised
to get a letter from me after so long a time,
I will not attempt to apologize for my
long silence, only I am well aware
that I am geting very careless about
writing to all of my friends. Sister
Nancy2 says I am very much changed
in that respect, she is sorrey, for
she wants to hear from me, she
says she fears I am sick if she does
not hear about so often, perhaps
you will say better late then never
I am still here in Clinton3 to work
in the Mill, have been most the time
since I wrote you, I was away three
months last summer, down in Maine
with my sister,4 I had a rest and improved

  1Lorinda Briggs b: 1835, VT
  2Nancy Caryl b: 29 Jan 1823, Stockbridge, VT d: 30 Jan 1915, Rockland, ME; 
     m: 12 Jan  1843     Joseph Grafton Torrey b: 10 May 1820, Hanson, MA 
     d: 28 Feb 1894, Rockland, ME
  3Clinton, MA
  4Nancy Caryl Torrey, Rockland, ME

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my health, we are very comefitable
situated four of us girls room together,
and we have a fire in our room
and keep quite joyous most the time.
Augusta Aikens5 is with me, she rooms
And sleeps with me. I was so glad when
I heard she would come, she works
in the same room with me and for
the same overseer, she warps and
I draw in, I am thinking some of
buying a sewing machine, and earn
my living in part with that, if I go out
to visit my sister in Mich,6 they are
anxious I should come, and stay
with them, if I get a machine I think I
could do as well there as here, and will
be better contented to stay, I enjoy myself
in Sister Emeline7 family. Well, I mean
to go some time, if I can get me a
good machine, then I can assist

  5Mary “Augusta” Aikens b: 27 May 1843, Bernard, VT
  7Emeline Caryl b: 20 Feb 1815, Rochester, VT

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myself and them too, I would like
to visit you on my way west, if I go
through Potsdam.8 I hear Uncle Asa
and Aunt Jane9 are in Vermont
visiting friends. Oh how I wish I was
there to visit some with them, when
do they think of going back to Pierpoint,10
perhaps I shall see them before they
go back, Aunt said she would write
me, when they visited Vermont if she
knew in season, she may write
me soon, have enjoyed
yourself in school teaching, I think
you would make one of the best
of teachers, please write me all how
you all get along, I often think
of you and the happy times I
have spent in your family long
time since, you must all except
love and good wishes from your

  8Potsdam, NY
  9Asa Barnard Briggs b: 18 Jan 1785, Barnard, VT; m: Jane Winslow b: 1787, VT
  10Pierrepoint, NY

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friend and cousin, I will close
by wishing you all, a happy New Year
please write me soon.

Rhoda E. Caryl11

11Rhoda Emily Caryl b: 6 Apr 1817, Stockbridge, VT d: aft 1900 Otsego, MI; m: Daniel Wing 

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