Bragdon, Eunice L. 1851 07 28
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                         Biddeford2 July th 28 1851
Dear sister
We have got a chance to work 
in the mill and if you want to come you
can get in any room that you would like to
work in. We have been in the weave room
two days but we did not like so we are
going in the card room tomorrow. I want
you to tell Sophia Ann if she wants to come
she can get a good chance to work in the mill
as long as she wants to tell her I cannot write
to her for you can tell her just as well tell her
if she comes to stop at number two where
we board. Tell Mary Ann3 when she comes out
to see us to make Isaiah4 come - with her and
if he is to stingy to pay his fair we will
pay it for him. Sarah says if there is any
letters for her she wants you to send them
out to her. I want you to send my blue stocings 
and that blue yarn to me if Sophia Ann comes
tell Mother and all the rest of the folks to
come out and see us if you or Sophia Ann comes
stop at number two Biddeford side where we board.

Write to us as soon as you get this
Eunice L. Bragdon
 1 Eunice L. Bragdon b: 7 Jun 1834, New Gloucester, ME; parents: 
     John Bragdon, Jr. and Ann Cressey.
 2 Biddeford, Maine.
 3 Sister Mary Ann Bragdon b: 2 Oct 1829, New Gloucester, ME; 
     parents: John Bragdon, Jr. and Ann Cressey.
 4 Brother Isaiah Bragdon b: 1828, Durham, ME d: aft Yonkers, NY; 
     married: Mary Elizabeth Craft b: abt 1831, Yonkers, NY.

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