Bixby, Eliza
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Courtesy: Lowell National Historical Park
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History

Lowell March 3 1852

             Dear Brother1
How do you do I received your valuable letter
which has been the subject of my reflections ever since
I received it I often visit you in thought would
that it could be a reality if I could comfort 
you in your afflictions, I am glad Mother2 can
be with you. She can take the best care of you I
hope she will not get sick, Give my love to
Parmelia3 and tell her that Christ chose the poor
the sick the lame to be his friends and if she be his
adopted child I trust she will follow his example if
not I fear she is none of his.

I am glad Lydia4 has made up her mind to go and earn
her own living but I am sorry very sorry she has
been so regardless of my advice to her about going to
that mill I have worked there before her and know
more of that town and the people that are in it though
I wish I did and one objection which is greater than
all the rest is that she has gone to work for Mr. H
for  he is one of the greatest villains I ever got acquainted
with without exceptions I Summered & Wintered there
before I even dreamed of his character which proved
to be to seduce every innocent girl that was in his power
let me tell you of one instance of his artfulness.

I went to Nashua5 with him to get my bonnet reformed 
and trimmed as we were on our way there he appeared very
sociable when we had got within a few miles of N
we passing along the road and came to a woods which
extended on both sides of the road he looked behind
and then before us then listened to be shure no one
saw us he put his arm around my waist and asked me 

  1Benjamin Varnum Bixby b: 12 Oct 1821, Groton, MA d: 1903, Groton, MA
  2Mother: Mary Gilson Bixby b: Mar 1797, Groton, MA
  3Neice: Parmelia Bixby b: 1850, Groton, MA
  4Sister: Lydia Bixby b: Oct 1835, Groton, MA
  5Nashua, NH

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if he might kiss me I told him no and if he did
not keep his hands off me I would pull the horse
by one rein and tip him over and break his neck he
continued his grasp I reached for the rein but he chose
to guide his own horse and conducted with civility
until we got to N we went to the milliner and while

I was shopping he went to the tavern to put his horse up in a
few minutes to the shop and as I had not got through he said
he would go into another shop and when he returned he
had a ring on his little finger we passed along to git
to another shop to purchase a parasull while I was loking
at them he was examining prints shawls muslins and
various articles he picked out a piece of muslen he said
he thought would make a pretty dress and asked me
how I liked it told him I thought the purple would
look the best made up he had a dress pattern cut off
and  paid for it and we returned to the Tavern
where he called for his room they conducted us up
two flits of stairs into a handsomely furnished room
he asked me lay of my things he seated himself in the
rocking chair and I on the sofa he becond to me to
come and sit on his knee I refused he said he wished
to see my ring but I would not be enticed by him
so he got up and thought he was going to me but in-
sted up thorít he locked the door then seated himself
by my side and took that ring off his finger and
put it on mine and said it was mine I told him I
did not want it and I offered it to him he would not take
it I laid it on his arm he took it and put it on my finger
again then put his arm around me clinching both of my
wrists put his face over my nose so I could not breathe
through it and the same time sucking my breath from
my mouth until I became so exasted  I was obliged
to lean my head on his shoulder then he commenced 
to lay me down on the sofa at that moment a rap
at the door stoped his career he opened the door and
said this lady had fainted and called for a glass of
cold water which soon revived me he said as he got
cheated out of his object this time he would call and see me
some time when I was alone at home this was reason

I would not stay alone if Mother6 does laugh and 
call me her baby for being (willing) left alone yet do not
expose me out of the family I told you this as

6Mother: Mary Gilson Bixby b: Mar 1797, Groton, MA

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a proof of Mr H character and this is but one 
instance they are two numerous to mention
yet he is a man of good qualities  I fear they
are very few that he has not tried to rob of

there chastity I wish Lydia7 would shun this man
as she would a lion for he is an artful rogue. 

tell David if he is a boss there at the lot to be shure
and keep his boots in repair for should he follow
the example of the painter which was to after
they had completed there days labor and were
returning home the snow had melted so it 
overflowed the brook which they must cross
his aprintis boy said he should wet his feet no
said his boss your wont hop on my back I
can carry A young man only you across perhaps some of
your boys will want to ride home at
night. I must close for it is getting 
late and Eliza J8 is waiting to go to bed she
had a fit a week ago Sunday

            Please write again as soon as you are

 Eliza A Bixby9

             I shall keep a look out for Brigget10 this

  7Sister: Lydia Bixby b: 25 Oct 1835, Groton, MA d: 1904, Somerville, MA
  8Daughter: Eliza Jane Bixby b: Oct 1849, Groton, MA
  9Eliza Ann Bixby b: 1 Apr 1827, Groton, MA
  10Sister-in-Law: Bridget Lahy Bixby b: 1826, Ire

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