1849 Sawyer, Louisa
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                                   [Lowell]4 Dec 1849

Cousin Sabrina,

After so long a time I again seat my to address a line to you. It is a long time since I have seen or heard from you but believing I am not forgotten I will chatt awhile this eve with you. Would like to know what I have been doing? For a long time I would say I have been Home for about ten weeks just Mothers health was very poor when I first went home but she was smart when I came away. I enjoyed myself very much while thare what a beautiful [letter torn] we have had. It was delightfull in the country. I asshure you I have never enjoyed myself better. We had greate times in ing to Apple bees or rather Punkin bees for there were not many Apples this year. I did not visit our friends in Bristol but Father and Mother did while I was at home. They were well. Mr. Blodgets folks have moved to Concord and Grandmother has left the good old Farm and consented to be shut up thare with them. I do not think she will live very long to enjoy their nice House. Cousin Ann Blake is getting married. She is going out very well they say he is a very smart man. Cousin Sabrina it is so long since I saw you that I hardly know what to say. What I wrote you will perceive will be mostly stems from a Little hear and there. Mother received a letter from Aunt Mary Colby. She was well and her family. She does not like the proceedings at all in regard to Granfathers property and I guess she will make a fuss and I hope she will get what belongs to hur. I should think by what she wrote that she held a not for quite a sum against that property. Melinda ought to pay what is due I think and I guess she will be oblidged to yet. I should not wondr if Uncle David made quite a stir with them or at least with JS Bryant but no more of this.

Well Cousin I am again in Lowell and think I shall work at the Mill this winter and donít know how much longer. Sister Emeline is here. Her health is very good. We think of 

  1Bennett Family, Letters (1839-1846) Haverhill Public Library, 
     Haverhill, Massachusetts.  These letters appear in New England 
     Mill Village, 1790-1860, Gary Kulik, Roger Parks, Theodore Z. 
     Penn, eds., (Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 1982). Used by 
     permission and edited by Old Sturbridge Village.)
  2Louisa A. Sawyer b: 1823, Canterbury, NH; parents: Jeremiah 
    Sawyer and Hepzibah Edwards; employed: Lowell textile mills off 
    and on 1836-1850; married 1852: Daniel Swan.
  3Cousin Ė Sabrina Bennett b: 18 Nov 1818 d: 22 Dec 1860, 
     Haverhill, MA; parents Richard Bennett and Ruth Edwards; 
     married 1857: Oliver Turner.
  4Lowell, Massachusetts.
visiting Haverhill this Winter if nothing prevents. I hope I shall have the pleasure of seeing you here this winter and your Brothers. I want to see you all very much. Please give my love to your Father and Mother and Frances and to all who inquire after me. We had a very pleasant time at Thanksgiving enjoyed myself very much. I had the pleasure of having two days to be thankful for. Brother Daniel and myself came here the night before the 29. He would have visited you if he could left his business and longer. I expect him down again soon and he will then visit you. He is well and you would hardly know him he grows so. He is as steady young man as I know of. Cousin Sabrina I will not weary your patience any longer at this time and so I will bring these scribblings to a close and will say answer this as son as you receive this and write all the news. Please write about Mr. Busshorns folks and all the news you can think of Cousin. I am going to send this by a Lady that boards with me. She is going to spend some time in Haverhill to a Brothers that lives thare. She is going to be married this week. She is a fine Lady and you would like to get acquainted with her I think. He name is Sage. Good night write soon. From you cousin

                                     Louisa A. Sawyer

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