1840 Edwards, Persis
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Barnet4 April the 18 1840

My Very Dear Cousin

I received your letter dated jan 24 after a long time it layed in the office. Be assured it met with the most hearty welcome was read over & over again & again. It brought to mind the many social hours we have spent together which are now past…When I came home last fall found Sister E confined with the Fever…We have had one trouble after another ever since I came home till this Spring…I do not know what my employment will be this Summer. Mother is not willing I should go to the Factory. I thought some of learning the Milleners & Dressmakers trade but have failed in the attempt…
If I could learn the trade there is a very pleasant village in this town which would be a good place to work. There is no one in the place that keeps shop. Hope you will try to visit us this Summer. Come & spend a long time with us. Write to me as soon as you get this tell me of your prosperity & how you are employed. Don’t delay. If you work at your trade I should be glad to work with you. I wish you were here in a shop. Could you come we should enjoy all the pleasures imaginable. Father & Mother send love to your Parents. Wish them to visit us as soon as convenient. Give them my love. My Brothers & Sisters all send love to you all, you all have our best wishes for your prosperity. Cousin there shall be no lack on my part aboutt keeping up a correspondence. Answer this as soon as possible. Direct your letter to Peacham. Barnet Post Office is five miles from us. Believe me to remain your very affectionate

Cousin Persis L. Edwards

  1Bennett Family, Letters (1839-1846) Haverhill Public Library, Haverhill, 
    Massachusetts.  These letters appear in New England Mill Village, 
    1790-1860, Gary Kulik, Roger Parks, Theodore Z. Penn, eds., (Cambridge, 
    Mass: MIT Press, 1982). Used by permission and edited by Old Sturbridge 
  2Persis Lombard Edwards b: 26 Dec 1816, Bristol, NH d: Dec 1896, Lowell, 
    MA; parents: James Edwards and Alcemena Frisbie; married: James P. 
    Burnham b: 1819, New Brunswick d; 1905, Lawrence, MA.
  3Cousin – Sabrina Bennett b: 18 Nov 1818 d: 22 Dec 1860, Haverhill, MA; 
     parents Richard Bennett and Ruth Edwards; married 1857: Oliver Turner.
  4Barnet, Vermont.


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