Bagley, Sarah
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Courtesy: Ohio Historical Society, Lilly Martin Spencer Collection
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History
See: Sarah George Bagley Essay

                             Lowell March 13, 1846
Mrs. Martin
                             Dear Madam, I wrote 
you some few weeks since and as I had 
not received a reply I thought my letter 
might be miss sent and I would write 
again.  You wrote me some two months 
ago that you would interest yourself 
sufficiently to become our agent to 
procure means to purchase a press if we 
would commence such an enterprise 
we have bought a press and fixtures at 
an expense of $500 and paid $100 on 
the delivery of the property.  Our next 
payment becomes due on the first of June, 
and we hope through the faithful 
exertions of the friends the enterprise 
to be able to meet it.  We have rented 
our press $15 per year and shall be 
obliged to take the rent to meet our 
engagements.  We shall publish for 
circulation all that we rent our press 
for after we have paid first, and 
if the manuscript of which you 
wrote me should not be previously 
published we should like it. 

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I have not seen Mr. Brisbane since you 
wrote us, but he has engaged to be here 
the first of June when I will speak to 
him about your manuscript considera-
ble interest is manifested in the 
subject of woman’s rights and our 
association have procured a course of 
lectures on that subject.  We are indeed 
indebted to you for the new Goal of 
the friends of rights your letter gave 
them a new impulse. 
I trust you will write.  To us and 
offer us words of encouragement and 
hope.  Yours in the cause of 
the progress of our race. 

                                    Sarah G. Bagley
Lowell county of Middlesex Mass

P.S. I have sent you several papers and tracts 
and should pay the expense of them and this
could I know whether you received them. 

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