Ayer, James 1823
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           Chelmsford2 June 9th, 1823

My Dear Wife,

            This is the first [----]
time I have had to write since
receiving your last letter. I have look-
ed for you here till I have almost given
given up the idea of your coming
& why you have not written again I
am at a loss to know. I shall ex-
pect a half a dozen letters from
you, for every one I write you,
you mentioned in your last letter that
you talked of going to Haverhill. I have
not heard whether you have gone.
rec’d a letter from your father a
few days since, was glad to hear your
mother went to Boston with him.
Was sorry they did not come to Chelmsford.
Mrs. Hoyt has removed here & has
a number of boarders. I shall
look a little longer for you to come
here, but I fear in vain, as you
have already talked about it so

  1James Hazen Brickett Ayer b: 1788, MA d: 1864, MA; employed: 
     Paymaster for the Locks and Canals Company; political service: 
     Alderman and later Mayor of Lowell.
  2Chelmsford, Massachusetts – 1826 became Lowell, Massachusetts.

should you come wish you
to bring such things as you think I
may want. I am very well
& so black you would hardly know
me. Take good care of A. Elizabeth
tell her I shall come home and see
her as soon as I can, when that
will be I dont know. I have so
much lumber to measure & take
care of that I cannot leave it at
present. I have surveyed about
300,000 feet already & there is
nearly 200,000 feet come down
which is not yet surveyed
& this is not one half that we shall
have this season. Mr. Worthen’s
House & barn are up & will soon be
finished. Write by mail when
you have not a convenient oppor-
tunity send your letter.

           Your affectionate,
            J.H.B. Ayer

[On envelope]

Mrs. Fanny Ayer
Salisbury, Mass.


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