Bethel, VT 1854 10 19
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                                 Lowell Oct 19, 1854

Dear Brother,

I am seated this bea
utiful sabath to write you does
it seam that two weeks ago we wer 
together now many miles devides
us it seams like a much longer
time to me

I arived hear saft friday about 2
o clock I arived at thursday and I
went to see Lew is he well and
so glad to see me it paid me for
all the trouble  he says you dont
know how much good it does me
to have you come and see me he
inquired about you and said he
should have been very proud to
have seen you I told him what
you Said to me to get [unclear]

he seamed very glad he says if I get 
out whare shall I go I shant want to
stay round Some he said he wished he could
go whare some one could advise him what
to do he seamed very anixaous to get out
when I set down to a good super I think
of him all he has is a piece of brown bread
no butes in the morning hours at
noon meet and potato no gravy

  1  Lowell, Massachusetts.

Thare was a felon thare by the name of
[unclear] that I was acquainted with in
[unclear] (he was not a prisoner) he worked
thare he said Lewis was a good boy he thou
ght he had staid long enough and it
was a hard place Lewis says if he ever
gets out he shall try to be something

how is your helth I have wored about you
do be carfull wont you
how does Bill and [unclear] look you
must be kind to [unclear] for you
know he woried us left [unclear] awful rawor 
all us will miss you some wont she
give my love to Tom tell him to
write me and write as soon as you get this
with much love your Sister


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