Bethel, VT 1854 10 01
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                                  Lowell Oct 1
                                  My Dear brother

I am seated to write you once more
I recieved your leter and was very glad
to hear from you and also to
lurn your helth was so good
my helh is very good and I enjoy
myself beter since Aurilah come
back she has come in to the same mill
I have lurnt her and am in hops 
we shall have looms together she is
a dear good girl I never was so well
aware how nesesary to my hapiness 
wer friends or those I love as I have
ben since I come hear how I wish you
was whare I could see you once in a while
for none have a larger share of my
love than my brother,
when I hear or see the vises of som 
yong men I think with no small
share of pride and thankfullnes 
that my brothers if not holy from free folts as
so good as they ar 

I supose you will not be sory when
you get through to [unclear]
I recieved a leter from Carie a
short time since when I answer it

  1 Lowell, Massachusetts.

I shall direct it to you for I supose it will not do
to direct it to her

Prehaps you have hurd we have got the
eleven hour sistum we go in at seven and come out at seven
we canot make quit as
much but it is much easier
we had quite a fire hear last week the Musium2
was burnt as the inside and [unclear] was burnt

the wether is quite cool fall has indeed
come the falling leaf and chily wind
remind us that winter is fast aproaching 
I have been hear almost six months
last night I put thirty dolars in
the Apleton Bank dont you think I
have done prety well for me I have had
to get a good money thing since I come
hear I dont want you to say any thing about it

I had a leter from home a short time
since and father having the blues for
the grashopers ar eating up evry thing
and he hasnt got any horse
give my love to all inquiring friends and acpt  the same

I wish I had ben hear a good while
and was going home this fall but nothing preventing I must stay
one year longer

now write me a long leter as soon as
you get this good night Your [unclear]

 2  Lowell Museum, 1840-1854.


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