Anonymous (Marcia) Letter
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To: Charles P. Wardell, Lowell, MA
From: "Marcia" (no last name), Lake Village, NH
Date: 1849

If things go right I think of coming to Lowell the last of next week but I cannot stay more than two days because I must go into the mill week after next.  If I can get a chance to trim cloth.  If I do I can board here for nothing they want me to.  I shall not have to work before breakfast or after four o'clock in the afternoon; I shall have my work by the window opening to the west up in the upper story so I shall the benefit of good of the best of air and that I could not get in Lowell   I could have my book in there and study.  If I could not read by course I could do in such a manner that it would be more beneficial than mere cursory reading I should be alone most of the time and I should build castles in the air and indulge in long dreamy reveries about you and the future but I should be much happier with you Charles but I must go to work in the mill somewhere as I want about 20 dollars the worst kind at least.   I shall want it this spring and if I work in Lowell I shall begin to grow poorer and weaker.  I never was better in my life nor weighed so much and if I work Lowell I cannot actually have the privilege of looking out into the pure light of heaven.  Tis the hardest work and the most absolute confinement from one week end to another.  I do not work in the mill here I shall not any where but may and probably shall (if you do not come up here soon to set up in business) go to Lowell and do house work I think.

I shall be so proud of you you little rogue you.  pardon me sir I did not mean a rogue in business I meant I meant. . . .


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