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Courtesy: Lowell Historical Society
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History

 Lowell 7th 1840

Dear Friend1  according to my promise I take my pen
in hand to Write to you to let you no that iam A
Factory girl and iwish you Was one idont no  But
thier Will Be aplace For you in a fortnigh or three Weeks
and as Soon as thier is iWill let you no and as you Can board
With me  We Will have first rate fun getting up mornings
in the Snow Storms  Susan Sends love to you you dont no
how iwant to See you and ivery often think of the good
times  We have had to gether  Give my respects to moses2
tell him not to forget the Spanggles you dont no
how pleasant it is here  We Can See all dracut3  From our
window  Give my love to the miss grays.  Elizabeth th-
ere is a lot of hansome fellows here my mother is
going to Send me a Bundle this Week and you Besure
to Write and put the letter in it  Write me all the 
logier you can think of about every thing often ithink
iwould like to have you here toohave a good laught
for pitty Sake dond show this letter to any body for
the Girls are talking  So that idont no what to Write
            So I Subscribe myself your Friend.  adieu

  1Elizabeth Ann Jackman b: 7 Jun 1824, Newbury, MA d: 1889, Newbury, MA 
    daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Jackman; married 1847 Charles William 
    Hale b: 10 Fen 1821, Newbury, MA
  2Moses Bradbury Jackman b: 1819, Newbury, MA son of Richard and 
    Elizabeth Jackman; married 1847 Mary E. Smith b: 1824, MA 
  3Dracut, Massachusetts



Friend come to Lowell

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