Abbott Brothers Letters 1853
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Lowell4 Friday 26th 1853 [august]

Dear Brother

I set down to let you
know that I am the same
I calcilate to start next week
Saturday noon from this place
I want that you should get
back as soon as Friday at
any rate get what you can &
sell the rest be [    ] at
presant, if you don’t get
100, dollars fetch down some of the
notes with you  A Ye Clark &
Albert  Dwinell s.  & leave the rest 
with mother till I, call, for them
Find out where Clark & Roberson
& Frederick Cheny & Haliburt
& set down the names of the
places where they are
so that I can find them,

  1This letter is part of the Abbott Brothers Collection at Philadelphia 
     College in Pennsylvania.  Transcribed by the University of Massachusetts 
     Lowell, Center for Lowell History.
  2Varnum Abbott b: 1834, VT; parents: Margaret H. King and Jonas 
    Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark; employed 1852-1854: 
    Lowell, Massachusetts.
  3Brother - Jonas Abbott b: 1836, Glover, VT; parents: Margaret H. 
    King and Jonas Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark; employed 
    1852-1854: Lowell, Massachusetts.
 4 Lowell, Massachusetts.
Give my respects to Father
& mother5 & Dolly6 tell them
I think that I shall come
home that way in 3 or 4 

you must excuse my bad
writing for I am in a
hury,  it was half past eight
when I began to write
I worked all night last
night, another geer broke
in the picker &
so it goes.

            tell Dolly to
            give my love to
            Yours with respect
            Varnum Abbott

Jonas Abbott

Tell Mother not to wory
for I am big enough
to take care of my self

            Varnum Abbott

This side up with

Don’t let any body see

  5Parents – Margaret and Cephas Clark, Glover, VT.
  6Sister - Dorothy “Dolly” M. Abbott b: 1840, VT, parents: 
    Margaret H. King and Jonas Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark.

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