Abbott Brothers Letters 1853
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Lowell4 June 23th –1853-   Thursday

Dear sister I write A few lines to you
hoping that they will find you in good
health & A going to school, Dolly rise
early in the morning & exercise your
anbition, up & take the morning air
up & hear the wild birds Sing
up & takes A little exercise
that you may have an Apetite for breakf

            I close by sending you my best wishes
            & I hope that you will do as well
            as you can & take Care of your self
            to Dorothy M Abbott from Varnum Abbott

Write soon & write all the news
Give my love to Abby.

            Good After noon
            Yours with respect

  1This letter is part of the Abbott Brothers Collection at Philadelphia 
     College in Pennsylvania.  Transcribed by the University of Massachusetts 
     Lowell, Center for Lowell History.
  2Varnum Abbott b: 1834, VT; parents: Margaret H. King and Jonas 
     Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark; employed 1852-1854: 
     Lowell, Massachusetts.
  3Sister - Dorothy “Dolly” M. Abbott b: 1840, VT, parents: Margaret H. 
     King and Jonas Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark.
  4Lowell, Massachusetts.

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