Abbott Brothers Letters 1853
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June Lowell4  19th 1853      Sunday

Honored Farther & Mother & Sister5
I set down to let you know that I 
got home safe & sound I found
Jonas well & Nancy finaly all the folks
One of the mills burnt sown while
I was gone About $ 80,000 dollars was distroyed
they are A going to bild another in
the same place the mill got a fire
while they was gone to breakfast do not
know how it got A fire
I feel so that I had got home
once more the girls shine like silver
batons. Some of them think or ask me
how I found woman up to Glover6
& up there they want to know how my
woman is down here, I tell them that
I have got the mitten up to Glover
now some of them will get Courted
come on galhs gahals

June 23th 1853

  1This letter is part of the Abbott Brothers Collection at Philadelphia 
     College in Pennsylvania.  Transcribed by the University of Massachusetts 
     Lowell, Center for Lowell History.
  2Varnum Abbott b: 1834, VT; parents: Margaret H. King and Jonas Varnum 
     Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark; employed 1852-1854: Lowell, Massachusetts.
  3Parents – Margaret and Cephas Clark, Glover, VT.
  4Lowell, Massachusetts.
  5Sister – Dorothy “Dolly” M. Abbott b: 1840, VT, parents: Margaret H. King 
     and Jonas Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark.
  6Glover, Vermont.
I cant hardley get time to write 
every thing goes on well with me though
I got the mitten when I was up I 
have almost got over it there is so
many pretty gllas smiling & waiting for A

[Written Sideways on the letter]

tell the galls to go it while they are young
My love to all that aint Courted
I enjoy my self first rate --- & hope you do
Jonas7 is well & gone to work to the big shop
tell Clark to call this way if he can
If you don’t get this letter some time fore soon
            write fore soon
I haint had to work more than half the 
Time since I come back Don’t make fun
            of my writing

June 24th 1854

we are bound to celebrate the 4th
            Varnum Abbott

  7Brother – Jonas Abbott b: 1836, VT; parents: Margaret H. King 
     and Jonas Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark; employed 
     1852-1854: Lowell, Massachusetts.

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