Abbott Brothers Letters 1853
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Lowell4 Apr. 3dh 1853 Sunday

Respected Farther & Mother & Sister5
I once more inform you of our health
which is First rate. & I trust that these
few lines will find you enjoying the same
blessing it is pleasant here to day
& presume it is a good sap day in
Glover.6 I wish I was there helping you 
make shugar but I can do better here
than up there.  one of these days I am
A coming up & buy me A. Woman &
then hunt me up A, farm & selle down
George King & his wife is down here & Nancy Christie
& Abigail Day & Jerusha Barker
George has gone on the watch here & Martha
in the weaving room.  Jonas7 has left
the Watch & gone to work on the carpet

Much Obliged For those Greetings thas nancy brought
you Wanted that I should get some silk  When
I come up I think that it will cost as much
here as it will up ther  I do not know what
kind you want

  1This letter is part of the Abbott Brothers Collection at Philadelphia 
     College in Pennsylvania.  Transcribed by the University of Massachusetts 
     Lowell, Center for Lowell History.
  2Varnum Abbott b: 1834, VT; parents: Margaret H. King and Jonas Varnum 
     Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark; employed 1852-1854: Lowell, Massachusetts.
  3Parents – Margaret and Cephas Clark, Glover, VT.
  4Lowell, Massachusetts.
  5Sister – Dorothy “Dolly” M. Abbott b: 1840, Glover, VT; parents: Margaret H. 
    King and Jonas Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark.
  6Glover, Vermont.
  7Brother – Jonas Abbott b: 1848, Glover, VT; parents: Margaret H. King and 
    Jonas Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark; employed 1852-1854: Lowell, MA.
I cant tell when I shall come home
I should like to go to Australia Where
the gold is found in Abundance
           Varnum Abbott

Direct your letters to 65 Worthen St.

I shall ben glad to Caried on your shugar
Place this spring but couldn’t leave here
The last three months I made 65 Dollars
Besides my board that is more than I 
can make up there on A farm.

Write soon  Yours With respect

            Cephas & Margaret Clark     V. Abbott

            excuse all mistakes

[around the edge of the page]


Dolly I was glad to see some of your writing  I write this
page to you  Write again I heard that you
was to work to siases be A good girl & keep your nose

Worthen St  68

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