Abbott Brothers Letters 1852
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Lowell4 July 20the 1852  July

I now set down to write a few lines
to you I received your letter a weak ago
last wednesday I ment to rote before
but haint got about it till now I have got
half an hour to rite be fore super and I must
cary it out and put in the post ofice

I had a letter from you and there
want but just three words in it besides
California it was all california.  I didnt
think of your going to california no I
dididnt once dream of it seems that
you have  I hope that you dream about
gold now, a, spell.  Oh California again
I have felt most sick last week I
felt pretty well yesterday and to day
I should come home if I hadent got
better  jonas is and has ben, unwell
he is out round but haint worked any
for four or five days except staid in his
mill Sunday  if he don’t get better
I guess he will come home

  1This letter is part of the Abbott Brothers Collection at Philadelphia 
     College in Pennsylvania.  Transcribed by the University of Massachusetts 
     Lowell, Center for Lowell History.
  2Varnum Abbott b: 1834, VT; parents: Margaret H. King and Jonas Varnum 
     Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark;  employed 1852-1854: Lowell, Massachusetts.
  3Parents – Margaret and Cephas Clark, Glover, VT.
  4Lowell, Massachusetts.
This hot weather it is unhealthy here
in hot weather
Wal  I must close for I supose
that you are a looking for a letter
I should like to be up these and help you
hay..  I hope that these few lines will
find you all enjoying a good degree
of health  more next time, write soon
as you get this

           From A. Varrnun Abbott
           To          Mr. Cephas Clark
                         Margaret Clark

My Respects to you all

May health and prosperity be with
you now and peace for ever more
I have done work a neough to
Make my time whole ever since
I begun to work except half a day
I don’t tthink that I shall do many
More extrys this hot weather 

                          Varnum Abbott

Tell Dolly5  to be a good girl
and learn all that She can
for I hope that,  She is
able to go to school
pher perhaps that you with 
see some of us up there one of these


haint gone
yet don’t think that
I shall till I come
up there and see old glover6

  5Sister – Dorothy “Dolly” M. Abbott b: 1841, Glover, VT; parents: 
     Margaret H. King and Jonas Varnum Abbott; stepfather: Cephas Clark.
  6Glover, Vermont.

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