Two new trials from World Trade Press

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World Trade Press has provided UMass Lowell with two unlimited trials for the month of September, 2009: Global Road Warrior and A-toZ Maps Online.

Global Road Warrior provides up to 97 categories of topics to explore, including maps, photographs, travel and business information, and cultural reports, about 175 countries and territories from around the world. As stated in their promotional material: “you can find accurate world data and become a roving globetrotter without leaving your desk. Using this database is like getting a ticket for a trip around the world.” A bit overstated perhaps, but it does look like a valuable collection of data that would be of benefit to any wouldbe or wannabe global traveller.

A-to-Z Maps Online claims to be “the world’s largest subscription-based database of proprietary, royalty-free world, continent, country, and state maps.” Over 4,000 are offered in 25 different categories that range from animal distribution to weather maps and antique collecting to volcano maps. Perhaps the best advantage is that all of the maps are royalty free and therefore can be downloaded and used freely in presentations and even publications.

Links to these trials are available on the library’s Trials and New Resources page.