CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics releases 96th edition

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The latest edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics is now available online, and contains all the new and updated tables from the 96th edition.

New tables

  • Section 1: Basic Constants, Units, and Conversion Factors – Descriptive Terms for Solubility
  • Section 8: Analytical Chemistry – Stationary Phases for Porous Layer Open Tubular Columns; Coolants for Cryotrapping; Instability of HPLC Solvents; Chlorine-Bromine Combination Isotope Intensities
  • Section 16: Health and Safety Information – Materials Compatible with and Resistant to 72 Percent Perchloric Acid; Relative Dose Ranges from Ionizing Radiation

Updated and expanded tables

  • Section 6: Fluid Properties -  Update and expansion of Sublimation Pressure of Solids; Major update of Vapor Pressure of Fluids at Temperatures Below 300 K
  • Section 7: Biochemistry – Expansion of Structure and Functions of Some Common Drugs
  • Section 8: Analytical Chemistry – Minor update of Nuclear Spins, Moments, and Other Data Related to NMR Spectroscopy
  • Section 9: Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy – Update of Bond Dissociation Energies
  • Section 11: Nuclear and Particle Physics –   Update of Summary Tables of Particle Properties; Major update of Table of the Isotopes
  • Section 14: Geophysics, Astronomy, and Acoustics –   Update of Major World Earthquakes; Update of Atmospheric Concentration of Carbon Dioxide, 1958-2014; Update of Global Temperature Trend, 1880-2014
  • Section 15: Practical Laboratory Data – Update of Dependence of Boiling Point on Pressure
  • Section 16: Health and Safety Information –  Update of Threshold Limits for Airborne Contaminants
  • Appendix B: – Update of Sources of Physical and Chemical Data

Access to complete archive of Physics World now available

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Through UMass Lowell Library’s subscription IOPscience access is now provided to the complete online archive of PhysicsWorld,  the internationally renowned membership magazine of the Institute of Physics.

Physics World is widely known as one of the world’s best physics magazines, bringing together the pick of stories from the worlds of research, industry and education every month. The Physics World Archive comprises more than 11,000 articles covering news, features, commentary and reviews from every issue of Physics World since the magazine’s launch in October 1998.  It covers physics in its broadest possible sense, and offers real insight into the key breakthroughs in the field over the last 22 years.

The Physics World Archive is normally only available to institutions by subscription, but has now been made available to subscribers of IOPscience extra at no additional cost.

For further information about IOPScience, view their support site. Also more information is available about Physics World from the PhysicsWorld web site.

AIP Journals Launch on Scitation C³

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The American Institute of Physics (AIP) has migrated 12 archival journals to the Scitation C³ next-generation hosting platform. Scitation’s new design includes new features, such as Recently Published Research – updated hourly with the most recent articles published on Scitation, and an Interactive Cloud Explorer, which at a glance allows a user to see the most popular subjects and authors hosted on Scitation. 

Key to the new design is a new object browser that allows users to view all tables and figures in an article directly from the abstract view, where the majority of researchers begin their interaction with the article. Other objects from within the full-article XML, such as the article’s acknowledgement section and an article outline based on the article’s section structure, surface on the page providing quick access to the article’s content.

AIP journals also feature a new, interactive, full-article HTML rendering, including greatly improved visual presentation of inline math. In-context links to actionable references, figures, and tables save researchers time navigating around the document. Other interactive features include the ability to highlight any term within an article to produce a list of related content.

To further facilitate discoverability, AIP journals now allow researchers to create “Smart ToCs,” enabling them to tailor the TOCs to their interests, harvest citations, preview abstracts with a mouse click, and hide content that isn’t relevant.

AIP has also added greater utility to the search functions of its journal pages, with more options and better controls to explore returned content with faceted results, based on article type, topic, author, keyword, PACS, journal, and publication year. Faceted search helps researchers find information quickly by presenting them with a set of filters to refine search results.

As a “society of societies,” AIP supports ten Member Societies and provides a spectrum of services and programs devoted to advancing the science and profession of physics. A pioneer in digital publishing, AIP is also one of the world’s largest publishers of physics journals and produces the publications of more than 25 scientific and engineering societies through Scitation, its New York-based publishing division.

Access the new AIP journal site on Scitation C3 here or from the library’s Physics database subject page.