ScienceDirect integrates content from NextBio and PANGAEA

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ScienceDirect  is collaborating with two third-party providers to bring more sources of information together under the ScienceDirect platform.

Integrating external data sources from these two outside providers with ScienceDirect enables researchers to find contextual information directly connected to full-text articles, thus providing context around the content and accelerating scientific research.

Currently, two collaborations with third party providers now provide extended coverage for selected articles on ScienceDirect:

The NextBio integration allows researchers to simultaneously search and obtain deeper insights from publicly available data sources as well as related ScienceDirect content. This collaboration allows for an integration of NextBio’s unique set of ontology-based semantic tools.

While most scientific information on genes, pathways, diseases, tissues and compounds is available online, it currently resides in various, disconnected, locations. Enhancing ScienceDirect with NextBio’s biomedical ontology framework enables life sciences, health sciences and chemistry researchers to analyze ScienceDirect content and search ScienceDirect peer-reviewed literature together with publicly available research data from PubMed, clinical trials, experimental data, and news articles, on one single platform thus improving discoverability and research productivity.

PANGAEA (Publishing Network for Geoscientific & Environmental Data)
ScienceDirect now provides direct links to geoscientific and environmental datasets from PANGAEA. Research data sets deposited at PANGAEA are now automatically linked to the corresponding articles in Elsevier journals on its ScienceDirect electronic platform and vice versa. The Elsevier-PANGAEA cooperation results from recent recommendations of funding bodies and international organizations to provide web accessibility to research data produced by public funding.

About NextBio
NextBio is the provider of an innovative platform that enables life science researchers to search, discover, and share knowledge locked within public and proprietary data. Delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, NextBio’s platform seamlessly combines powerful tools with unique correlated content to transform information into knowledge, providing the foundation for new scientific discoveries.

PANGAEA is a data library which links primary data related to articles in earth and environmental science journals and thus may serve some hundred journals of the Elsevier portfolio. In the first phase, more than 1 000 articles from various earth science journals were linked. The data is freely available from the publication’s page in ScienceDirect, without a login or subscription. PANGAEA, as a library, is open to any field of earth system research, enabling a bibliographic citation of datasets with identification via DOI and a widespread distribution through portals, libary catalogs and search engines, which is currently unique on the Internet.
PANGAEA is operated by the research institutions AWI and MARUM.

About ScienceDirect
Over a quarter of the world’s full-text scientific, technical and medical (STM) peer-reviewed articles are available in ScienceDirect. Over nine million articles are available online, including Articles in Press which offer online access to recently accepted manuscripts.

With over 2,300 full text journals available to UMass Lowell users, ScienceDirect offers the most extensive database of authoritative titles from the core scientific literature, including high-impact factor titles such as THE LANCET, Cell and Tetrahedron.