Newspaper Archive: two week trial, Jan 13 – 27, 2011


A two-week free trial has been provided to UMass Lowell for access to the online Newspaper Archive.

Featuring billions of articles from historical newspapers around the U.S. and the world, is touted as the world’s largest online newspaper archive.  Newspapers date from 1753 to present and are all full-page and fully searchable by keyword or date.

New pages are added at a rate of 80,000 images a day, or about 2.5 million pages per month.

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Irish Newspaper Archives adds new content

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 The Irish Newspaper Archives, available online as an annual subscription from the UML Library web site, has added new content to its holdings:

The Kerryman 2008
The Nenagh Guardian 1838-1899
The Westmeath Examiner 1921-1949

Beginning next month the following titles will be added:

The Kerryman  2009
Finn’s Leinster Journal 1771-1776

The Irish Newspaper Archive is the largest online database of Irish Newspapers in the world. It contains complete archives of the Irish Independent (1905-Current), The Freeman’s Journal (1763-1924), the Nation (1842-1897) and many more leading national, regional and out-of date titles. To date the INA has digitized 19 newspaper titles with over 20 more titles scheduled for digitization.

The vast majority of titles run from their inception to current issues and are updated on a monthly basis. All titles are rendered fully word searchable and date indexed. You can also limit searches to pictures and advertisements.

Besides newspapers, the INA is in the process of digitizing other documents of historical interest such as directories and the vast Lawrence photographic collection, consisting of over 50,000 prints from early Victorian Ireland.

Accessibility to the Irish Newspaper Archive is available from the alphabet index list of electronic resources on the UML Library web site home page or on the library’s Newspaper Databases web page.

Newspaper Archive 2 week trial

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The Access Newspaper Archive site is available for a 2-week trial until October 24.

For a link to the trial, please visit the UML Library Database Trials page. 

The Access Newspaper ARCHIVE contains tens of millions of newspaper pages from over 4,000
different newspaper titles dated from 1753 to the present. A local highlight in the collection is the Lowell Sun, complete from 1878-1977.

Every newspaper in the archive is fully searchable by keyword and date. Newspaper ARCHIVE is adding over 80,000 newspaper page images a day, or about 2.5 million pages per month.