Ovid Online Database Releases New Enhancements

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On January 19, 2012, the Ovid database web site will go live with an updated release of several new features, such as the ability to export citations to Excel. Also included will be several user interface enhancements including:

  • An enlarged Ovid Resource Box
  • Simpler way to change Ovid Resource selections
  • Access to Print/Email/Export/Add to My Projects quick-click buttons at the bottom of the search results screen
  • New Advanced Search entry tips to promptly search by Keyword, Author, Title and Journal
  • More prominent navigation within Journals A-Z

Ovid offers full-text access to over 70 journals covering fields of nursing, medicine, healthcare, psychology and the biological sciences.

Informa Healthcare trial access to all online journals

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Informa Healthcare is offering UMass Lowell free trial access to all of their 170 online journals through the month of February, 2011.  Access is available at  InformaHealthcare.com.

UMass Lowell Libraries currently subscribes to four InformaHealthcare journal titles: Journal of pain and palliative care pharmacotherapy, Nanotoxicology, Physical & occupational therapy in geriatrics, and Physical & occupational therapy in pediatrics. Now, for a limited time, the entire catalog of online journal titles are accessible for viewing and downloads.

The Informa Healthcare journal portfolio offers more than 170 journals in the pharmaceutical
science, allied health, clinical medicine, and life science areas. Informa Healthcare has gathered
more than 2.8 million pages of historical journal content and made them available for researchers
and clinicians.

The Informa Healthcare journal portfolio offers more than 170 journals that covers all aspects of healthcare—including drug discovery and development, medical technology, bioscience, clinical medicine and toxicology—offering access to specialized research and insight from an international body of experts.

In July of last year, Informa Healthcare released a new redesign of its website that provided the following enhancements:

  • Deeper content in special therapeutic areas including cardiology, dermatology, neurology, pharmaceutical science, respiratory medicine, toxicology, and urology
  • Option to save searches to help manage advanced research results
  • Improved navigation options to highlight most popular articles and chapters, share journal or book developments and connect related content or authors to improve and expand research
  • More links to key resources such as audio or video content, social networking pages, users guides, and the Informa Healthcare blog to diversity product offerings and maximize subscription investments

Please post comments concerning any aspect of this trial; it aids significantly in our decision-making process.