Trial offer: IBIS World US Specialized reports

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IBIS World has provided UMass Lowell Libraris a two week trial (2 Feb 2013 – 18 Feb. 2013) to itsĀ US Specialized Reports Collection. Access to this database is available from on and off campus to all UMass faculty, students, and staff. Links to the trial are available on the Library’s Database Trials & New Resources web page.

Linkage to the Specialized Reports is also available from directly within IBIS through the bottom link in the drop-down menu below:


Reports from the IbIDS Specialized Reports database are written with the same familiar format as the core NAICS-based reports, centering around more niche and emerginc sectors of the US economy with a little more product-focus and granularity. The Specialized Collection takes a deeper dive, written at more of the 6-7 digit NAICS level, categorized under the following sectors: Financial * Advisory Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Industrial Machinery, Gas & Chemicals, Online Retail, Life Sciences, Specialist Engineering, Business Franchises, Technology and more.

A full list of available reports is available in this IBIS PDF file.