Trial offer: IBIS World US Specialized reports

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IBIS World has provided UMass Lowell Libraris a two week trial (2 Feb 2013 – 18 Feb. 2013) to its US Specialized Reports Collection. Access to this database is available from on and off campus to all UMass faculty, students, and staff. Links to the trial are available on the Library’s Database Trials & New Resources web page.

Linkage to the Specialized Reports is also available from directly within IBIS through the bottom link in the drop-down menu below:


Reports from the IbIDS Specialized Reports database are written with the same familiar format as the core NAICS-based reports, centering around more niche and emerginc sectors of the US economy with a little more product-focus and granularity. The Specialized Collection takes a deeper dive, written at more of the 6-7 digit NAICS level, categorized under the following sectors: Financial * Advisory Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Industrial Machinery, Gas & Chemicals, Online Retail, Life Sciences, Specialist Engineering, Business Franchises, Technology and more.

A full list of available reports is available in this IBIS PDF file.



New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics releases new content

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The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics has released several new articles as it adds new content for its 2013 edition.

New Content:

  • Shadow banking: a review of the literature
    by Tobias Adrian and Adam B. Ashcraft, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, USA.

    • Abstract: “The shadow-banking system consists of a web of specialized financial institutions that conduct credit, maturity, and liquidity transformation without direct, explicit access to public backstops. The absence of this public financial support makes shadow banks inherently fragile. Much of the shadow-banking activities are intertwined with the operations of core, regulated institutions such as bank holding companies and insurance companies, therefore creating a source of risk for the financial system at large. This article explores the reasons for the existence of the shadow-banking sector, explains how it functions, discusses why it needs to be regulated and reviews the impact of recent attempts to reform shadow banking intermediation.”
  • ICT, internet and worker productivity 
    by Irene Bertschek, Centre for European Economic Research, Germany

    • Abstract:“This article provides a brief overview of the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) as a driver of productivity. In particular, it focuses on the diffusion of computers and the Internet at the workplace and discusses the relationship with wages, the task composition of occupations and labour productivity at the firm level.”
  • Internet and the offline world 
    by Avi Goldfarb, University of Toronto, Canada

    • Abstract: “This article emphasises that a key to understanding the (net) benefits of the Internet is to remember that all online activity has an offline context. People live their lives offline. Therefore, the fall in communication costs and the fall in distribution costs associated with the diffusion of the Internet had a heterogeneous impact across locations.”
  • The economics of online recruitment
    by Catherine Thomas, London School of Economics, UK

    • Abstract: “Online recruitment describes hiring workers who were initially selected via the Internet. The practice is now widespread, with a majority of US jobseekers undertaking some online job search activity. The online intermediaries that allow employers and employees to connect with each other, leading to online recruitment, vary in scope. They range from websites that provide information about workers or openings, thereby facilitating search (‘job boards’ or ‘job search engines’) to websites that both provide information and enable employers and employees to interact online during the hiring process (‘online labour markets’). A subset of online labour markets also provides an infrastructure that allows for online management of the work process and payment systems.”
  • Paul Krugman
    by Steven Pressman, Monmouth University, USA

    • Abstract: “This article discusses the main economic contributions of Paul Krugman. Krugman developed the new trade theory, which analyses the determinants of international trade when trade takes place among oligopolistic firms, and the new economic geography, which studies where firms locate nationally and worldwide. His also drew out the policy implications of these new theories. Finally, the article discusses Krugman’s early work on exchange rate regimes and his more recent work on economic slumps.”

About the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics

In 2008, Palgrave Macmillan published The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, edited by Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume. While some classic articles from the earlier four-volume 1987 edition were retained, around 80% of the text was either entirely new or substantially rewritten to reflect the depth of change within the discipline between the editions. Released simultaneously online The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is a dynamic, updated resource serving the information needs of a new generation of economists.

Trial access to Business Insights: Global

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Business Insights: Global, provided by Gale Cengage Learning, is available on a trial basis through October 31, 2012. BI Global provides all of the same content of Business Insights: Essentials (the new interface for Gale’s Business & Company Resource Center) PLUS almost 1,000 Case Studies  as well as global country and industry information.

Business Insights: Global Features

  • Case Studies from Gale’s CaseBase collection, as well as cases from partners worldwide
  • Interactive LiveCharts for economic and business indicators and user-generated custom charts for use in reports and presentations
  • Global industry research reports for specific industries within specific countries
  • Global company and country overviews full of detailed information, as well as interactive rankings and stats, with quick links to associated news, case studies and academic journal articles

Access to this trial is available through the library’s  New Database Trials and Subscriptions webpage.

Please post comments concerning any aspect of this trial; it aids significantly in our decision-making process.

Emerald eBook Series Trial for Management and Social Sciences

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Emerald Insight Publishing is proving UMass Lowell with trial access to two of their new eBook Series Collections:  Business, Management, and Economics and Social Sciences.

Access to these two collections is available until the end of December, 2011.

Emerald Business, Management, and Economics is a growing collection of more than 650 volumes from over 80 eBook Series titles in 15 subject areas. Featuring relevant, international and quality content, in many fields including strategy, economics, accounting and finance and human resource management.

Emerald Social Sciences provides online access to more than 300 volumes from over 40 book series titles. The collection features high profile, international authors delivering cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research in the fields of education, environment, health care, language and linguistics, politics and policy and sociology and anthropology.

Access to these trials is available through the Library’s Trials and New Resources web page.

Please leave comments. They help tremendously in our decision making.

RAND State Statistics database trial

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The Boston Library Consortium (BLC) has provided all of its members with month-long trial access to the new RAND State Statistics database. The trial runs through the month of November 2011.

The RAND database is a new product launched last summer. It offers a one-stop shop for nearly 80 statistical databases providing data at the state and county levels, while several provide data at the city/town level. Databases range from Economics (employment, wages, foreign trade, airline operations, etc.) to Population/Demographics (populations, projections, immigration, mortality, etc.) to Education (enrollment, finances, teacher salaries, etc.) and more (Health and Socioeconomic, Government Finance, Energy and Environment, and Community).

The following subjects areas are covered:

Business and Economics ▸ contains information on employment, unemployment, industry and occupational wages, occupational projections, construction, bankruptcies, inflation, foreign trade (imports and exports), gross state product, personal and per capita income, farm income, and airport operating statistics.
Community ▸ includes a number of “quality of life” databases, such as the number of crimes and crime rates, population density, national parks acreage and usage.
Education ▸ reports enrollment and student demographics for U.S. K12 schools and U.S. Colleges.
Energy and Environment ▸ reports energy sources, energy consumption, energy expenditures, and prices by state, installed wind power, and estimated water usage by state.
Government Finance ▸ reports revenues and expenditures by state, spending by program and agency, and local government spending in U.S. counties, cities, and special districts.
Health and Socioeconomic ▸ includes transfer of payments (retirement, Medicare, SSI, food stamps, unemployment insurance, veterans’ benefits), and drug-related deaths (accidental, intentional, and undetermined causes)
Population and Demographics ▸ contains U.S., county, and city population estimates, including population estimates by race, ethniticy, and age for most areas. It also includes population projections, border crossing and immigration statistics, deportations and naturalizations.

Access to this trial is available through the Library’s Trials and New Resources web page.

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ProQuest trial for EconLit — Oct-Nov, 2010

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ProQuest is providing trial access through November, 2010, to their EconLit database.

EconLit, published by the American Economic Association, provides bibliographic coverage that indexes economics-related journals, books, and dissertations. An expanded version of the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL), EconLit covers both economic theory and application. The literature covered is of interest to researchers, academics, product managers, advertisers, product development specialists, and public policy professionals.

In total, EconLit contains nearly one million records with coverage from 1969 to current. Over 80% of all current records within EconLit include abstracts. Also included are full-text of book reviews published in the Journal of Economic Literature since 1993.  In addition, links to full-text of some 40,000 working papers in economics are also provided.

For information about more trials and new online resources, please visit the library’s Database Trials & New Resources page.

Please leave comments. They assist greatly in our decision-making process.

Three new economic titles added to Annual Reviews

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The Annual Reviews’ new collection of economics journals has been added to the UML Library collection. The three new journals — Annual Review of Economics, Annual Review of Financial Economics and Annual Review of Resource Economics — summarize developments in their respective fields and reflect the advancement of economics as a critical scientific discipline.

The new titles are edited by leading economists Tim Bresnahan (Stanford), Andrew Lo (MIT), and Gordon Rausser (UC Berkeley), and Nobel prize winners Kenneth Arrow (Stanford) and Robert Merton (Harvard Business School). Annual Reviews has brought together 150 renowned scholars to address an interdisciplinary audience, from economics specialists to those with primary interests including public policy, business, social and natural sciences.

Annual Reviews, a nonprofit publisher that synthesizes critical research literature, has offered comprehensive collections of critical reviews since 1932. Its highly cited journals help readers to evaluate and select from the increasing wealth of primary literature.