Ebrary Adds New Scholarly Titles

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Ebrary has recently added over 3,800 scholarly titles to its subscription database, Academic Complete, from over 150 prestigious publishers including University of North Carolina Press, De Gruyter, Oxford University Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, I.B. Tauris, and many more!  Academic Complete now includes a growing selection of more than 84,900 e-books.

Backlist Bonus!

ebrary has also added 850+ backlist titles selected from featured lists such as CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles and Doody’s Core Titles. The addition encompasses over 50 publishers like Oxford University Press, ASCD, Kogan Page, Royal Society of Chemistry, and University of California Press.

And… Wiley E-books Coming to Academic Complete Soon

ebrary also announced that they will be adding 2,000 front-list titles from John Wiley & Sons to Academic Complete over the coming months.


ebrary recently began offering downloads either of book chapters as PDFs or entire ebooks in digital format using Adobe Digital Editions (requires Adobe installation).

  • Create an image PDF of a specific chapter or page range
    Learn more:  http://support.ebrary.com/?p=655

    • Same page limits as for printing
    • Accessible on most computers and devices, including the Kindle
    • Additional (free) software is typically not needed
    • Files do not expire
    • Image quality for image PDFs was recently improved, but the tradeoff was to add a watermark.  This is consistent with the approach used by other ebook providers when an unsecured PDF is provided
  • Download an entire document as an e-book in Adobe Digital Editions
    Learn more:  http://support.ebrary.com/?p=687 Patrons first need to install Adobe Digital Editions on their computer (free online)

    • Accessible on most computers and devices, but not the Kindle or Kobo Vox
    • Up to 10 documents at a time per patron
    • By default, full-document downloading is only available for multi-user documents (not single-user-only documents), but admins can override this setting
    • Multi-user documents can be full-document downloaded for 14 days*

ebrary adds new titles and new functionality to QuickView reader

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ebrary no longer requires a downloaded Reader in order to take advantage of ebrary’s key book-reading functionalities. ebrary has just added significant capabilities to QuickView, the reader that is embedded within the browser and immediately available for reading books.  Downloads or installations are no longer necessary.

New features include the following:

  • Ability to customize InfoTools, which turns every word into a portal to additional information in online resources of your choice
  • Print an entire chapter at a time (up to session limits)
  • Choice of four citation preferences
  • Navigate to the previous or next page by double-clicking on the document
  • Ability to select text and navigate throughout documents by finger swiping on the iPad and iPhone
  • Enable RefWorks, EndNote or both at the institution level

 Additionally, end-users can easily share ebrary citations with peers at other institutions. Anyone who clicks on the URL to an ebrary title is automatically directed to the same document in their library’s ebrary collection (if available).

ebrary has added over 1,100 new multidisciplinary e-books to the Academic Complete collection that is available to UML users.  The new titles are available today via the ebrary site, or you can preview a list of the new titles on the ebrary site.