CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics releases 96th edition

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The latest edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics is now available online, and contains all the new and updated tables from the 96th edition.

New tables

  • Section 1: Basic Constants, Units, and Conversion Factors – Descriptive Terms for Solubility
  • Section 8: Analytical Chemistry – Stationary Phases for Porous Layer Open Tubular Columns; Coolants for Cryotrapping; Instability of HPLC Solvents; Chlorine-Bromine Combination Isotope Intensities
  • Section 16: Health and Safety Information – Materials Compatible with and Resistant to 72 Percent Perchloric Acid; Relative Dose Ranges from Ionizing Radiation

Updated and expanded tables

  • Section 6: Fluid Properties -  Update and expansion of Sublimation Pressure of Solids; Major update of Vapor Pressure of Fluids at Temperatures Below 300 K
  • Section 7: Biochemistry – Expansion of Structure and Functions of Some Common Drugs
  • Section 8: Analytical Chemistry – Minor update of Nuclear Spins, Moments, and Other Data Related to NMR Spectroscopy
  • Section 9: Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy – Update of Bond Dissociation Energies
  • Section 11: Nuclear and Particle Physics –   Update of Summary Tables of Particle Properties; Major update of Table of the Isotopes
  • Section 14: Geophysics, Astronomy, and Acoustics –   Update of Major World Earthquakes; Update of Atmospheric Concentration of Carbon Dioxide, 1958-2014; Update of Global Temperature Trend, 1880-2014
  • Section 15: Practical Laboratory Data – Update of Dependence of Boiling Point on Pressure
  • Section 16: Health and Safety Information –  Update of Threshold Limits for Airborne Contaminants
  • Appendix B: – Update of Sources of Physical and Chemical Data

CRC Handbook 90th Edition now available

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The latest web version of the new Handbook of Chemistry & Physics Online is now available. Try out the new edition by linking to it from the library’s Chemistry electronic resources subject page.

The CRC edition now allows users to search the handbook by chemical structure. Simply download the intuitive Marvin Sketch Java Applet from ChemAxon and then draw your structure query. Search over 10,000 compounds!

the new web version also adds tables covering 11 new topics:

  • Structures and functions of common drugs
  • Chemical constituents of human blood
  • Proton nmr shifts for solvents
  • Apparent Equilibrium Constants for Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions
  • Phase Transitions in the Solid Elements at Atmospheric Pressure
  • Thermoelectric Properties of Metals and Semiconductors
  • Thermophysical Properties of Stainless Steel 310
  • Description of the IUPAC chemical identifier (InChI)
  • International recommendations on the expression of uncertainty of measurements
  • Major world earthquakes, 850AD to 2008
  • Nobel prize winners in Physics and Chemistry
  • And some of the most heavily used tables have been extensively revised and updated.