New Non-Java CAS Structure Editor Available in SciFinder

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CAS announces that SciFinder now features a new version of the CAS Structure Editor that does not require the use of a Java plugin. The Java version of the editor is still available, but users can now easily select their preferred editor.

The non-Java editor is an easy-to-use option. However, there is some missing functionality in the new editor. Due to the pressing need of some users still experiencing Java-related issues, CAS felt it important to release the editor as soon as a viable working version was available.

The Non-Java structure editor allows SciFinder users experiencing problems with Java to draw structures for substance and reaction searches. The available features are equivalent to those in the Java version, and some additional convenience features will be released shortly.

Users experiencing problems with the Java-based structure editor also have the option to download a standalone structure editor that can be used in conjunction with SciFinder.

Note: With minor exceptions, the standalone version has the same features as the Java-based version.

Additionally, the latest SciFinder release features the following updates:

  •  Analyze reaction answer sets by reagent to more quickly identify your synthesis of interest.
  •  View substance and supplier information simultaneously now that the Quick View feature is available from Commercial Sources answer sets. In addition, many top catalog entries now feature direct links to supplier emails from right within SciFinder.
  •  Update user account information more easily with a new account management link to myCAS® available in Preferences.
  • SciPlannerTM how-to guides are now more easily accessible to help you make use of the full power of the features and functionality available within SciPlanner.

For more information on the plugin-free, Non-Java CAS Structure Editor, including technical requirements, visit

SciFinder Introducing New Release this Summer

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The American Chemical Society is introducing a new version of its SciFinder Scholar database this summer. Two video previews are available for previewing the new features:

-       Introductory video highlighting SciFinder design and key content capabilities.

-       Help file tutorial that offers a quick tour of the new design.

Also available is an introductory tutorial in PDF format –

SciFinder Scholar is a comprehensive search and discover platform that offers options for exploring substances, reactions, and patent and journal references:

Substances — includes chemical structures, chemical names, CAS Registry Numbers, properties, commercial availability and regulatory information.

Reactions — an extensive database of current chemical reaction information including reaction schemes, experimental procedures, conditions, yields, solvents, catalysts, as well as commercial availability of substances with direct links to leading producer and supplier sites.

References — current chemistry and related science information from journals, patents, dissertations, and more.

 Access to SciFinder requires registration.


SciFinder access increased from 4 to 6 concurrent users

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For the next 90 days, six concurrent users will be allowed to access SciFinder rather than the usual limit of four.

SciFinder is a research discovery tool that provides scientists with web access to the most comprehensive scientific information available. SciFinder allows users to explore the CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) databases containing literature from many scientific disciplines including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science, and much more.