Test Drive the New Books In Print Web Site

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Bowker has officially launched the new version of their Books In Print web site. Books In Print has long been the standard source for information regarding book and ebook publications used throughout the book-buying world by buyers, sellers and readers. The new web site has been designed to appeal to all levels of users. Bowker states that its “new visually-appealing and user-friendly interface is comprehensive enough for professionals, but easy enough for anyone to use.”

The new site offers a number of advanced features that allow users to search, discover, and connect to what they need. One major change, resulting from user feedback, is that search results are title-weighted by default rather than keyword-driven. So a search of “Boston,” for example, in the new version produces a list of books titled “Boston.” In the older version, the same search defaults to keyword and produces a broad assortment of titles that in the first 15 results includes subjects ranging from astronomy to spectrometry, and from Victorian romance to Shakespeare’s sonnets.

What is more likely to be noticed first, however, are the assortment of new paths to discovery presented in the forms of a word cloud on one side of the search results and faceted search refinements on the other side. These easy sidelinks offer keyword choices on the one hand and search limits on the other. In the case of  a “Boston” search, keywords like “november,” “stage,” “hold,” and “party” hardly seem relevant… all right maybe the last one. But the facet options — format, author, language, status, availability, and price — are useful and extensive. Scrolling below the fold reveals other groups of options for Publication Information, Opinion, Target Audience, and Subject.

The new site also offers extensive social media options that allow users to create accounts in MyDiscovery and make lists, tag and rate items, and write reviews.   For librarians the site offers a Collection Development List feature that allows librarians to create and save “wish lists” with relevant bibliographic details for purchases. And, if the Hook to Holdings feature is enabled, anyone can easily search the local catalog collection for titles they find in Books In Print.

Finally, Advanced Search has been expanded with option boxes that allow users to either copy and paste or upload a csv file with up to 85 ISBNs for a quick search.

To try out the New Books In Print go to http://www.booksinprint2.com. Links are available on the home page for training opportunities.