Remote access login failures

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During the past week the library has been aware of an increasing amount of login failures to our EZproxy server. EZproxy allows us to authenticate remote access as legitimate UMass Lowell affiliated users. The challenging aspect of this situation is that the problem is intermittent. While many people are gaining remote access to the library’s resources, others at the same time are not.

We have been troubleshooting the problem with other involved IT departments on campus. We have also analyzed the logs to see if any patterns emerged. Unfortunately there is nothing obviously wrong on our end, nor with the other campus system we communicate with for the authentication process, nor with the network.

Because of this we have decided to install a fresh copy of EZproxy on a new server and switch the authentication process over to that server, and then monitor traffic to see if the rate of login failures diminishes. There is always some degree of failure due to typos, forgotten passwords and the like, but obviously a large number of correct login credentials are failing lately.  

We understand that this is a huge imposition on the UML community, and we are trying our best to correct the situation. In the meantime, if you do experience a login failure, then please try again in a couple of minutes. You can also contact the helpdesk or the library. We appreciate your patience.

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