CRCnetBASE Trial access to complete eBook database

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Taylor & Francis Publishers has made the entire CRCnetBASE eLibrary collection available to UMass Lowell on a trial basis through April 22, 2011.

CRCnetBASE is made up of over 6000 online books that span over 40 disciplines. The collections include full text handbooks, references, and monographs published by CRC Press as well as Auerbach and Chapman & Hall.

CRCnetBASE offers subject collections in multiple scientific and engineering disciplines as well as nutrition and healthcare, mathematics and statistics, economics and public administration.

UMass Lowell has long subscribed to CHEMnetBASE and ENGnetBASE, but now for a limited time the entire CRCnetBASE eLibary collection is available for full-text access:

SCI-TECHnetBASE: CRC’s most complete repository of scientific and technical information, it includes their entire line of science and technical books. It contains more than 5,500 online volumes and growing.

BUSINESSnetBASE: A complete library of accounting principles, ethics, and organization, this collection offers the very best business references from Routledge & Auerbach in one convenient location. Access the latest information, including e-business technology and globalization.

ECONOMICSnetBASE: This versatile library, featuring works from Routledge, includes current studies, risk assessments, and simulation models. It examines hot topics such as affirmative action, trade liberalization, feminism, and ecological risk, providing historical and biographical information, as well as statistics and analysis.

MILITARYnetBASE: Exploring war history, weaponry, superpower politics, and the cold war, this e-library offers authoritative data on terrorism and national security procedures. Featuring diverse works from both Routledge and Auerbach, it provides historical commentary and discusses current security concerns and threats.

PublicADMINISTRATIONnetBASE: This collection includes entire catalog of CRC public policy handbooks and their expanding portfolio of strategic texts. This collection includes all eleven volumes of Principles and Practice of Public Administration.

ProjectMANAGEMENTnetBASE: This e-library contains the work of seasoned experts who discuss preferred software packages and models. The collections offer step-by-step advice on how to maximize talent, processes, and resources to produce a positive bottom line and guarantee projects are delivered on time with a strong return on investment.

Access to this trial is available through the library’s New Database Trials and Subscriptions webpage.

Please post comments concerning any aspect of this trial; it aids significantly in our decision-making process.

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