Knovel website enhancements webinar

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Knovel, the engineering reference book site, is offering a product demo on September 29 to showcase new enhancements to its website. Built on top of upgrades released in August, the new enhancements include simplified navigation, improved browsing and result display pages, and a new recent search history feature. Also new is a “GET search” function. Some of these enhancements have already been implemented and others will be introduced on October 2.

The half-hour September 29 demonstration will occur at 11:00 AM EST and will highlight these new features:

  • Search Within: Knovel’s new Search Results display that features a convenient way to perform a search within the selected title.
  • A new BROWSE design that improves browsing both UML’s subscription as well as all Knovel Content, and provides enhanced subject and alphabetical filters for improved organization and fast access to Knovel’s engineering content.

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