ARTstor Adds New Features and Updates

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ARTstor has recently released new features and made updates to the Digital Library.

All registered users can now export image groups as Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 files in just a few clicks. When viewing an image group, look for the Export to PowerPoint icon in the utility barĀ Export to PowerPoint icon or click Tools > Export to PowerPoint. The resulting PowerPoint file will include:

  • A title slide displaying the name of the image group
  • Individual slides for each image in the group, in the order in which they appear in the image group
  • ARTstor descriptive data for each image, appearing in the notes field of each slide
  • Embedded hyperlinks in each image that will launch the ARTstor Image Viewer when clicked in presentation mode (requires web access)

Learn more about Export to PowerPoint.

Export to PowerPoint icon
ARTstor has also enhanced the functionality of the notes feature. Registered users can now add Rich Text formatted notes to individual images. The notes field will now allow users to:

  • Insert hyperlinks to external websites
  • Format notes with bold, italics, or underlined text
  • Create lists with bullets or numbers

Learn more about notes.

Alongside these new features, ARTstor has also implemented the return of the full-screen functionality of QuickTime Virtual Reality files (QTVRs). This is a type of image file format supported by Apple’s QuickTime. It allows the creation and viewing of photographically captured panoramas and the exploration of objects through images taken at multiple viewing angles. It functions as a plugin for the standalone QuickTime Player, as well as working as a plugin for the QuickTime Web browser plugin. QuickTime VR will play on Windows computers as well as Apple Macintosh computers.

ARTstor has also addressed several requested changes to error messaging and the behavior in the Personal Collection management window. THey have also corrected the display of saved details after they are exported to PowerPoint.

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