Knovel launches product enhancements

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On August 18 Knovel launched the first in a series of product enhancements designed to make finding trusted technical information easier and faster!

The next time you search Knovel, you’ll find improvements and new features that include:

  • GET (GraphEquationTable) Search [formerly Fielded Search]:  We’ve introduced a new name and an improved approach to materials properties search, numeric range search, and retrieving results found in Knovel’s interactive Graphs, Equations, and Tables.  
  • Knovel Search Results: We have improved the display of  search results.
  • Spell checking: If you misspell a word, Knovel suggests the correct spelling.
  • Autocomplete: Start typing a search term, and see suggested terms in a drop-down menu.
  • Add Knovel to Your Search Bar: Click the link to add Knovel to your browser’s search bar.

special webinar on August 20th at 1:00 PM Eastern: Diana Bittern, Knovel’s Director of Product Management, will walk through new enhance-ments that improve the search results display and include new features such as auto-complete, spellcheck and suggested search terms.

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