EBSCO databases adds enhanced PDF viewer

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Enhanced PDF Viewer:

EBSCOhost features a special viewer designed to streamline the browsing of an entire issue, or all available volumes and issues, from one screen. So now, when you open an article in PDF format you open the entire issue of that journal and can easily navigate throughout the issue using the sidebar navigation menu. You can also easily jump to any other available issue and view the table of contents with the navigation menu. This makes for very convenient browsing within journal publications.

Features that allow users to easily navigate and manage open PDFs include the following:

  • Table of content column with instant access to citations with title, author and subject detail
  • Hyperlinked access to full text issue contents, by article or chapter titles
  • A convenient list of hyperlinked thumbnails to illustrations
  • Expand/collapse arrow to control open PDF view

To view a short demonstration of this new feature, click here.

Subjects on Result List Items

In addition, due to customer feedback, individual records within the EBSCOhost Result List now display subject headings for all applicable databases. The subject headings are not hyperlinked, but they do provide added information about the content of articles in the result list that are otherwise limited to minimal citations.

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