Handbook of Chemistry & Physics 90th Edition

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The content of the 90th Edition, 2009-2010, of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is now available online.

The new 90th edition adds several new tables including Structure and Functions of Common Drugs, Solubility Parameters of Polymers, Major World Earthquakes, and Equilibrium Constants of Selected Enzyme Reactions. It adds major updates to several others, including Threshold Limits for Airborne Contaminants, Mass Spectral Peaks of Common Organic Solvents, and Properties of the Solar System. It also adds a table of Nobel Laureates in Chemistry and Physics.

Structure/Property Search

Also new is the ability to search the handbook by chemical structure. Simply download the  Marvin Sketch Java Applet from ChemAxon and then begin drawing your structure query.

You can search over 10,000 compounds by drawing a Chemical Structure, or by completing the Chemical Properties section. To perform a more complex search, you may combine a Chemical Structure with the parameters set in the Chemical Properties section.

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