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This past month Grove Music Online , part of Oxford Music Online, is pleased to introduce 100 new articles from the forthcoming second edition of the Grove Dictionary of American Music, edited by Charles Hiroshi Garrett. While some of the topics in this update appeared in the first edition (1986), all are completely new to Grove Music Online and have been updated for the second edition.

Articles in this update include entries on conductors, composers, educators, librarians, and subjects related to band music (instrument makers, bandmasters, and organizations). There are a few entries on social dance forms, including the boogaloo, walk-around, and eagle rock, as well as an extended article on the history of circus music in America.

“search within this article”

You can now choose to limit your search to the article you are viewing within Oxford Music. This new functionality should be particularly helpful with large articles spread over multiple pages, such as large country articles and articles on families.

The “search within this article” box is located near the top left of each entry. Simply click on the plus sign [+] to open the search box, enter your term (s) and click “search”. The search box expands to display a convenient list of search hits along with headings to contextualize them.

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